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Reiki Chakra Series โ€“ Get to Know Your 13 Chakras โ€“ GALACTIC CHAKRA

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The Galactic Chakra - Serene Valley Holistic Therapies


๐„๐ง๐ž๐ซ๐ ๐ž๐ญ๐ข๐œ ๐–๐จ๐ซ๐ค: Advanced spiritual skills ๐‚๐จ๐ฅ๐จ๐ฎ๐ซ: Pink, orange ๐‹๐จ๐œ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง: 15cm above the Universal Chakra ๐‚๐ซ๐ฒ๐ฌ๐ญ๐š๐ฅ๐ฌ: Phenacite, Apophyllite, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Lemurian Quartz ๐„๐ฌ๐ฌ๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐ข๐š๐ฅ ๐จ๐ข๐ฅ๐ฌ: Rose, Frankincense, Lavender, Sandalwood ๐˜๐จ๐ ๐š ๐š๐ฌ๐š๐ง๐š: Pranayama โ€“ Three Part Breathing, Ocean Breathing, Alternative Nostril Breathing



The Galactic Chakra is related to the ability to astral travel and when activated enables supernatural powers such as teleportation, instant manifestation, and bilocation. This energy centre encompasses total cosmic wisdom, and when activated, it is said that a person can travel beyond the limits of time and space. When in alignment, the Galactic Chakra allows connection to the Universe and the gift of out-of-body projection to anywhere within the realms of Creation. When the Galactic Chakra is balanced, you will communicate with the highest vibrational light, Ascended Masters, and the Divinity of love and light in the 5D and above. You will have the gift of healing and bring insights and growth from the highest spiritual realms into your present existence. Activating this chakra within yourself brings balance to humanity, Earth, and the higher beings in the realms of spirit. You may experiment with connect to aligning the energies of the Galactic Chakra with a light language vocal activation meditation. Visualise light beams coming from above and moving down through your Galactic Chakra, Universal Chakra, Spirit Chakra, Soul Star Chakra, Crown Chakra and into your energetic and physical body as you chant the mantra โ€œCha Numi Go Loa Sho.โ€

This is a 3:33 light language chanting meditation & vocal activation to balance the Galactic Chakra. Visualise the colours of pink and orange and hold a high vibrational crystal such as phenacite, apophyllite, selenite, clear quartz, lemurian quartz or Herkimer diamond. It emphasises the spirit as a powerful tool to form matter. The Galactic Chakra forms an energy field that connects the human sphere influence with the supernatural. Vocalise with the breath 12 times, Cha Numi Go Loa Sho.

The concept of chakras has deep roots in ancient spiritual traditions, and while many are familiar with the seven primary energy centres within the human body, we will now discuss this lesser-known yet immensely powerful chakra โ€” the Galactic Chakra. Positioned above the Universal Chakra, it is said to connect us to the cosmic energies and Universal consciousness, fostering a profound sense of oneness with the cosmos.

If you would like to read about the previous 10 chakras, visit our 13-part Chakra Series Blog click here.


The Galactic Chakra, a celestial gateway to higher consciousness, can be amplified and balanced through the potent energy of specific crystals. Each crystal carries a unique vibrational frequency that resonates with the cosmic energies, enhancing our connection to the Universe. Here, we explore the transformative properties of my top 5 crystal recommendations: Phenacite, Apophyllite, Selenite, Clear Quartz, and Lemurian Quartz.

Phenacite: The Cosmic Amplifier


Known as the "ascension stone," Phenacite holds an incredibly high vibrational frequency. It is believed to activate and open the upper chakras, making it a powerful ally for the Galactic Chakra.

How to Use

Place Phenacite on the crown of your head during meditation or wear it as jewellery to facilitate a direct connection with the cosmic energies. Visualise the crystal's energy merging with the Galactic Chakra, creating a harmonious flow of Universal consciousness.

Apophyllite: The Celestial Beacon


Apophyllite is a crystal that resonates with the higher realms, making it an ideal companion for Galactic Chakra work. Its gentle energy encourages spiritual growth and aids in releasing blockages.

How to Use

Position Apophyllite on the third eye or above the crown chakra during meditation when lying down. As you attune to its energy, envision the crystal's light expanding into the cosmos, creating a bridge between your awareness and the vast Universe.

Selenite: The Purifier of Energy


Selenite is revered for its cleansing properties and its ability to channel Divine light. It is an excellent tool for clearing stagnant energy and creating a pure channel for cosmic vibrations.

How to Use

Hold a Selenite wand above the crown chakra, allowing its energy to gently flow downward. Use it to sweep the auric field, visualising any impurities being released into the light. Incorporate Selenite into your meditation space to maintain a high vibrational environment.

Clear Quartz: The Master Healer


Clear Quartz is a versatile and powerful crystal known for its ability to amplify energy and enhance spiritual awareness. It acts as a magnifier for the intentions set during Galactic Chakra work.

How to Use

Program a Clear Quartz crystal with your intention for Galactic Chakra activation. Place it above the top of the head if lying down or create a crystal grid around your meditation space. As you meditate, focus on the clarity and amplification of the cosmic energies.

Lemurian Quartz: The Ancient Wisdom Keeper


Lemurian Quartz carries the wisdom of an ancient civilisation and is believed to activate spiritual evolution. It serves as a bridge between the Earthly and cosmic realms, making it a valuable tool for Galactic Chakra exploration.

How to Use

Gently rub your finger along the striations of a Lemurian Quartz point to access the encoded information within. Place it on the crown chakra or hold it in your hand during meditation to tap into the ancient knowledge it holds, facilitating a deeper connection to the Galactic Chakra.

Incorporating these crystals into your Galactic Chakra practices can elevate your spiritual journey and open doors to higher states of consciousness. Experiment with different combinations, trust your intuition, and allow the harmonising energies of these crystals to guide you on a cosmic exploration within. As you attune to their frequencies, you may find yourself on a path of profound self-discovery and alignment with the Universal energies that surround us.


Galactic Chakra Blog Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

Discover the transformative power of meditation in balancing and aligning the Galactic Chakra. Follow the guidance below for meditation techniques specifically designed to open the gateway to cosmic energies, allowing for a deeper connection with the Universe and a heightened sense of spiritual awareness.

Take a moment to find a quiet and comfortable space. Sit or lie down in a relaxed position, with your spine straight and your hands resting comfortably. If you choose to lie down, make yourself comfortable with pillows to support your head and under your knees to support your back. Prior to lying down, place your selection of crystals at the space above your head. Close your eyes, ready to embark on a journey to open and align your Galactic Chakra.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths, inhaling slowly through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Below, you may choose to use one of the options discussed below here for pranayama breathing prior to your meditation. With each breath, allow yourself to release any tension or stress you may be carrying. Imagine roots extending from the base of your spine, anchoring you deep into the Earth. Feel the supportive and nurturing energy of the Earth as you establish a strong connection to the ground.

Calming the Mind

As you bring your awareness to your breath. Inhale deeply, allowing the breath to fill your lungs, and exhale completely, releasing any thoughts or distractions. Visualise a serene and infinite cosmic space above you, where the energy of the Universe awaits your exploration.

Activating the Crown Chakra

Shift your focus to the crown of your head. Imagine a gentle stream of white light descending from the cosmos, entering through your crown chakra. Feel the warmth and luminosity of this energy as it begins to cleanse and activate your crown chakra, preparing it for the journey to the Galactic Chakra.

Connecting with Celestial Energy

Visualise yourself floating upward, transcending the boundaries of your physical body. As you ascend, you enter a realm of cosmic energy, surrounded by stars, galaxies, and the vastness of the Universe. Sense the infinite wisdom, pure awareness and love that permeate this space, welcoming you into the cosmic embrace.

Arrival at the Galactic Chakra

Navigate through the cosmic expanse until you reach a radiant sphere of energy above your head โ€” the Galactic Chakra. Observe its brilliance and notice any colours, shapes, or sensations that arise. As you approach, feel a magnetic pull drawing you gently into the centre of this celestial vortex.

Harmonising with Galactic Energies

Allow yourself to merge with the energy of the Galactic Chakra. Sense the waves of cosmic wisdom and Universal love flowing through you. Envision the chakra expanding, creating a harmonious alignment with the celestial energies. Experience a profound sense of interconnectedness with the cosmos, knowing that you are an integral part of the Universal energies.

Receiving Cosmic Insights

Ask the Galactic Chakra to reveal any insights, guidance, or messages meant for your spiritual journey. Trust the information that comes to you, whether it be visual images, intuitive feelings, or a deep sense of knowing. Allow the cosmic wisdom to permeate your being, bringing clarity and illumination to your path.

Returning to Earthly Awareness

When you are ready, gently descend back through the cosmic expanse, bringing the awareness of the Galactic Chakra with you. As you return, feel the integration of this cosmic energy into your physical and energetic bodies. Picture the roots that connected you to the Earth earlier, solidifying your presence in the physical realm.


Express gratitude for the cosmic journey you've experienced. Take a few deep breaths, gradually becoming aware of your surroundings. When you're ready, open your eyes, carrying the harmonious energy of the Galactic Chakra into your daily life.


Galactic Chakra Archangel Uriel

In the celestial realms, archangels are believed to guide and protect us. Delve into the presence of Archangel Uriel associated with the Galactic Chakra and learn how invoking his energy can bring about profound shifts in consciousness and spiritual growth.

Archangel Uriel, the Divine beacon of wisdom and enlightenment, intricately aligns with the profound energies of the Galactic Chakra, serving as a celestial guide on the cosmic journey. Recognised as the 'Archangel of Illumination', Uriel's essence becomes a harmonious thread woven into the expansive energies of the Galactic Chakra's frequencies.

Uriel's celestial light acts as a cosmic torchbearer, illuminating the pathways to higher consciousness within the Galactic Chakra. Invoking Uriel in meditation or prayer unleashes his transformative energy, offering seekers profound insights and cosmic wisdom. In this alignment, Uriel becomes a catalyst for unlocking the latent potentials of the Galactic Chakra, fostering spiritual growth and revealing the intricate connections that bind the individual to the vastness of the Universe.

Archangel Uriel assumes the role of the Guardian overseeing "The Law of Purpose, Universal Gateway," situated in the vast expanses of our very own beautiful country - Australia. I frequently work with Archangel Uriel during Reiki and crystal healing sessions, as the Guardian of this cosmic realm, invites individuals to embrace their purpose with clarity, insight, and a profound connection to the Universal currents flowing through the Australian landscape.

Affirmations for Archangel Uriel for Galactic Chakra Balance and Harmony

โ€ Divine Uriel, I open my heart to your radiant guidance. In your celestial light, I find balance and harmony within my Galactic Chakra.โ€

โ€ Archangel Uriel, I welcome your wisdom to illuminate the pathways of my cosmic consciousness. My Galactic Chakra aligns with the harmonious flow of Universal energies.โ€

โ€ In the embrace of Archangel Uriel, my Galactic Chakra resonates with the frequencies of Divine order. I am in perfect harmony with the cosmic dance of existence.โ€

โ€ Divine Uriel, I release any imbalances within my Galactic Chakra, allowing your transformative energy to restore equilibrium and serenity.โ€

โ€ As I call on you dear Archangel Uriel, I affirm the vibrant health and vitality of my Galactic Chakra. It radiates with the cosmic energy of balance and harmony.โ€

โ€ In the presence of Archangel Uriel, my Galactic Chakra opens like a cosmic lotus, unfolding into perfect balance and alignment with the Universal forces.โ€

โ€ Divine Uriel, I trust your celestial guidance to harmonise the energies of my Galactic Chakra. I am attuned to the cosmic rhythm of life.โ€

โ€ With your assistance, Archangel Uriel, my Galactic Chakra spins in perfect equilibrium, drawing in the healing energies of the cosmos. I am in sync with the Universal flow.โ€

โ€ As I connect with you dear Archangel Uriel, I affirm the restoration of balance in my Galactic Chakra. It is a sacred vessel of cosmic harmony and Divine order.โ€

โ€ Divine Uriel, thank you for enveloping my Galactic Chakra in your loving light. I am aligned, balanced, and in perfect harmony with the expansive energies of the Universe.โ€


Aromatherapy has been a trusted ally in the journey of self-discovery. Explore the aromatic world of essential oils and their influence on the Galactic Chakra. Learn how to harness the therapeutic power of these oils to create a harmonious balance within your cosmic energy centre.

Rose Essential Oil for Love and Harmony


Rose essential oil is renowned for its ability to evoke feelings of love, compassion, and harmony. In the context of balancing and aligning the Galactic Chakra, Rose oil opens the heart to cosmic energies, fostering a sense of interconnectedness. It aids in releasing emotional blockages and promotes a higher vibrational frequency, facilitating a harmonious flow of energy through the Galactic Chakra.

How to Use

Place a few drops of Rose oil on your heart chakra during meditation to enhance your connection with the cosmic energies. Inhale its exquisite aroma to invite feelings of love and unity, aligning your Galactic Chakra with the frequencies of Divine love.

Frankincense Essential Oil for Spiritual Connection


Frankincense has a long history in spiritual and ritual practices. When used for the Galactic Chakra, it promotes spiritual awareness and connection to higher realms. Frankincense essential oil encourages a sense of inner peace, making it an excellent companion for meditation and Galactic Chakra alignment.

How to Use

Diffuse Frankincense oil in your meditation space to create a sacred atmosphere. Apply a diluted solution on your third eye and crown chakra before meditation to enhance your connection with cosmic energies. Its grounding yet elevating properties support a balanced and aligned Galactic Chakra.

Lavender Essential Oil for Calm and Clarity


Lavender essential oil is celebrated for its calming and soothing properties. In the context of the Galactic Chakra, Lavender helps to calm the mind, fostering mental clarity and balance. It invites a serene energy that aids in the release of stress, allowing for a smoother flow of cosmic energy through the chakra.

How to Use

Inhale the aroma of Lavender oil before meditation to create a tranquil mental space. Apply diluted Lavender oil to your temples and the base of your skull to promote relaxation and clarity during Galactic Chakra practices.

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Grounding and Spiritual Expansion


Sandalwood essential oil is revered for its grounding properties while also facilitating spiritual expansion. For the Galactic Chakra, Sandalwood aids in grounding cosmic energies into the physical realm, creating a balanced connection between the celestial and earthly aspects of our existence.

How to Use

Apply Sandalwood oil to the soles of your feet to ground your energy before Galactic Chakra meditation. Inhale its woody aroma to centre your consciousness, allowing for a harmonious integration of cosmic and earthly energies within the Galactic Chakra.

Incorporating these essential oils into your holistic practices can enhance the balancing and alignment of the Galactic Chakra. Experiment with different combinations, trust your intuition, and allow the aromatic essence of these oils to elevate your spiritual journey.


Yoga unites the mind, body, and spirit in a sacred practice of Union. In this instance, we move away from yoga asana to yoga specific pranayama (practices of the breath) to activate and balance the Galactic Chakra. Embrace these techniques on your yogic journey that transcends the physical and taps into the cosmic energies, fostering a sense of spiritual expansion and interconnectedness. You may find these breathing practices beneficial in conjunction with meditation.

Pranayama โ€“ Three-Part Breathing (Dirga Pranayama)

How to do it

Sit comfortably with a straight spine or lie down on your back. Bring your head over heart, heart over hips. Inhale deeply through your nose, 1. expanding your abdomen first, 2. then filling your lungs with air, and finally 3. allowing your collarbones to lift.

Exhale completely, starting from the chest, then emptying the lungs, and finally contracting the abdomen.

Continue this rhythmic three-part breath, focusing on smooth transitions between each phase.


Three-Part Breathing is a foundational pranayama technique that promotes awareness of the breath and encourages a balanced flow of energy. In the context of the Galactic Chakra, this breathwork enhances mindfulness, aiding in the alignment and harmonisation of cosmic energies. It brings a sense of calmness, grounding, and expanded awareness.

Ocean Breathing (Ujjayi Pranayama)

How to do it

Sit comfortably or find a relaxed seated or supine yoga pose. Inhale deeply through your nose, slightly constricting the back of your throat to create a soft, ocean-like sound. Push your tongue up to flatten against the top of your mouth.

Exhale slowly and audibly through your nose, maintaining the constriction in the throat.

Continue this deep, intentional breathing, syncing each breath with the rhythmic sound resembling ocean waves.


Ocean Breathing is a powerful pranayama technique that enhances concentration and focus. When applied to the Galactic Chakra, it facilitates a steady and balanced flow of cosmic energy. The rhythmic sound of the breath acts as a calming and centring force, promoting a tranquil state conducive to Galactic Chakra alignment.

Alternative Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)

How to do it

Sit comfortably with a straight spine. Use your right thumb to close off your right nostril and inhale deeply through the left nostril.

Close off the left nostril with your right ring finger and release the right nostril, exhaling completely.

Inhale deeply through the right nostril, then close it off and release the left nostril to exhale.

Continue this pattern, alternating between nostrils, focusing on smooth transitions and maintaining a steady breath.


Alternative Nostril Breathing is a balancing pranayama that harmonises the flow of energy between the two hemispheres of the brain. In the context of the Galactic Chakra, this breathwork encourages a balanced integration of cosmic energies, promoting mental clarity, and aligning the chakra with a harmonious flow of Universal consciousness.

Incorporating these pranayama techniques into your practice provides a holistic approach to balancing and aligning the Galactic Chakra. Embrace these breathwork exercises with intention, allowing the rhythmic flow of breath to synchronise with the expansive energies of the cosmos.


Reiki is a healing modality originating from Japan and is the channelling of Universal energy for overall well-being. Explore how Reiki influences and balances the Galactic Chakra, promoting a harmonious flow of cosmic energy through both the practitioner and recipient alike.

Understanding Reiki for Galactic Chakra Harmony

This profound healing practice taps into the Universal life force energy to promote holistic well-being. The Galactic Chakra (which is the 4th chakra to sit outside the physical body) holds a unique space in Reiki practices, acting as a conduit for cosmic energies. Let's delve into how Reiki influences and balances the Galactic Chakra.

Opening the Cosmic Gateway

When I begin a Reiki session, I always invoke the sacred symbols and intentions that connect to the life force energy. I visualise and channel Universal energy through the crown chakra, directing it toward the Galactic Chakra and above. By establishing this cosmic connection, we begin to create a gateway for the harmonious flow of transformative energies.

Galactic Chakra Scanning

When working for a client to balance the higher chakras with Reiki, I use hand positions to scan the energy field from the crown chakra up and along through the energy channel through the Galactic Chakra. This scanning technique involves sweeping the hands in gentle motions, detecting any energetic imbalances or blockages. This allows the focus on areas that may feel dense or restricted, channelling healing energy to restore balance and alignment.

Symbol Infusion

Incorporating Reiki symbols that resonate with the cosmic energies of the Galactic Chakra, Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei He Ki, and the master symbol Dai Ko Myo are brought in. These symbols carry potent vibrations that enhance the ability to channel and direct energy. By drawing and visualising these symbols radiating light into the Galactic Chakra, we infuse it with healing energy.

Intuitive Energy Balancing

As the Reiki energy is channelled into the Galactic Chakra and trusting intuitive guidance, we focus on areas that require additional attention, adjusting the flow of energy accordingly. This intuitive approach allows for a personalised and responsive healing experience tailored to the unique needs of each individual client working on their higher chakras. Working with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, guides and spirit, I ask for insight and guidance into the higher realms of consciousness and access the wisdom stored within the Galactic Chakra. This intuitive approach allows for the unveiling of hidden potentials, the healing of past traumas, and the activation of dormant spiritual gifts.

The collaborative efforts of the divine as well as the Earthly during these sessions result in a personalised and responsive healing experience. The energy work is tailored to address the specific needs of each individual, recognising the uniqueness of the soul's journey and the lessons encoded within the Galactic Chakra.

Throughout the process, I encourage my clients to participate in their healing journey, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-awareness. As the Galactic Chakra is brought into balance, a profound sense of peace, clarity, and interconnectedness with the cosmic energies emerges, enriching the client's spiritual path and overall well-being, opening a new world of inner self development and beginnings of spiritual gifts.

During the session, I place intuitively chosen crystals in a sacred geometry design, strategically on and around my client's body, creating a crystal grid that enhances the flow of energy. Using crystal wands, the Reiki and crystal energies activate energetic bridges between the earthly and celestial realms.

This holistic approach, guided by the wisdom of my clients' higher self, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, guides, and spirit, allows for a transformative healing experience that transcends the boundaries of the earthly realm, facilitating the integration of celestial energies into the client's everyday life.

Cosmic Grounding the Galactic Chakra

The session is concluded by grounding the energies, ensuring a smooth integration of the harmonised cosmic energies through the spiritual, emotional and physical body. Using a grounding crystal such as Orthoceras, black tourmaline or hematite, the movement begins at the base of the neck, down along the spine to the tailbone. With intention, Reiki energy sweeps the flow of energy from the Galactic Chakra downward, anchoring it into the lower chakras and connecting to the earthly energies of Mother Gaia.

Self-Reiki for Galactic Chakra Balancing

If you are not attuned to the Reiki symbols, you are certainly able to perform self-Reiki sessions to balance your own Galactic Chakra. In conjunction with some of the practices in this blog, you may bring in the cosmic energies by placing your hands over the crown and visualising the flow of Universal energy. Activate the hand chakras by rubbing the hands together, with the intention of brining in healing energies. You may feel a harmonising effect, fostering spiritual growth, and expanding your consciousness. For comfort, bring your hands down to rest at your heart, solar plexus or sacral chakra, to integrate the energies with intention through the physical body.

Distant Healing for Galactic Chakra Alignment

Reiki transcends physical boundaries, allowing distant healing sessions from anywhere on the Earth plane for alignment of the Galactic Chakra. By sending focused energy and intention across space and time, we are able to offer support to anyone who would like to work on expanding and aligning their Galactic Chakra and accessing the transformative power of cosmic energies.

In embracing Reiki practices for the Galactic Chakra, I work to assist my clients embark on a journey of spiritual exploration and alignment with the expansive energies of the Universe. This harmonious flow of cosmic energy, guided by the principles of Reiki, contributes to overall well-being, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and higher consciousness.


While the Galactic Chakra connects us to the cosmic energies, it is equally essential to stay grounded in our earthly existence.

Explore my favourite 4 grounding practices that help anchor the expansive energy of the Galactic Chakra, allowing for a balanced and integrated spiritual experience.

Grounding Yoga Asana

Stand with your feet hip-width apart in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) Keep your arms by your sides, and weight evenly distributed. Root your feet into the ground, feeling a connection with the Earth, pressing down through all four corners of your feet evenly. Engage your thigh muscles, lifting through your front body and pressing down through your back body. Lift your chest and extend your arms overhead with palms facing each other. As you stretch upward, visualise cosmic energy entering through your Galactic Chakra and flowing down through your body into the Earth. Hold the pose for a few breaths, feeling the grounding energy anchoring you.

Tree Root Visualisation

Begin by finding a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Visualise roots extending downward from the base of your spine, anchoring you deep into the Earth. Envision these roots penetrating the layers of soil, reaching the Earth's core. Feel the stability and grounding energy as the roots intertwine with the Earth's powerful core. This visualisation helps establish a strong connection between your Galactic Chakra and the stabilising energies of the Earth.

Earth Connection Meditation

Find a quiet outdoor space where you are able to place your bare feet in direct contact with the Earth. If you are able to sit or with the skin on your legs, arms and torso to Earth contact, the additional contact with be beneficial. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Imagine a beam of light descending from the cosmos, entering through your Galactic Chakra, and flowing down through your body into the Earth. As it travels down, feel the energy of the Earth rising to meet it. Visualise this exchange of energy, creating a harmonious circuit between your Galactic Chakra and the grounding energies of the Earth.

Breathe deeply, absorbing the stabilising energy from the Earth.

Crystal Grounding Grid

Create a grounding crystal grid to amplify the energy of the Earth and connect with your Galactic Chakra. Choose crystals with grounding properties such as black tourmaline, hematite, or smoky quartz. Place these crystals in a grid formation in or around your meditation space. If you are able to make a larger grid, sit or lie down in the centre, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Visualise the energy of the crystals creating a protective and grounding cocoon around you, stabilising your Galactic

Chakra and establishing a strong connection with the Earth's energy.

Incorporating these grounding practices into your routine can help align and balance your Galactic Chakra, allowing for a harmonious flow of cosmic energy while keeping you rooted in the grounding energies of the Earth.

Embarking on this cosmic journey will assist you to explore the Galactic Chakra and its myriad connections to crystals, meditation, archangels, essential oils, yoga, Reiki, and grounding practices. By delving into these realms, you open the door to a deeper understanding of your spiritual self and the vast cosmic energies that surrounds us.

In Cosmic Harmony and Galactic Gratitude,


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