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Through the gentle energy of Reiki, the transformative properties of Advanced Crystal Therapy,

and sound healing, we offer a unique experience that promotes relaxation which will balance

your energies and facilitates emotional well-being.

Our services encompass a holistic approach to healing and personal growth.

Holistic counselling sessions provide compassionate support and guidance to nurture mind, body, and spirit, fostering holistic healing and personal transformation.

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Usui Reiki
Holistic Counselling
Serene Valley Holistic Therapies | Reiki Townsville

What is Reiki? Check out our Blog here. 

We provide Usui Reiki, a spiritual practice of energy healing and balancing. As a Certified Master Reiki Practitioner, I am dedicated to helping individuals find balance and peace in their lives.

Reiki is a Japanese healing practice that involves the channelling of Divine universal life force energy through the hands to promote holistic, energetic healing. Reiki is used to balance the chakras and the body's energy to facilitate self-healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. 
Throughout the session, I provide emotional and spiritual support by holding space in a safe environment which allows you to express your emotions and explore your spiritual well-being.

As the Reiki energy flows through you, it enhances and accelerates your own natural healing process on four levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, providing these energy bodies a break from everyday stresses at a very deep level.

A Reiki treatment is very relaxing, and it is when we are in this deep state of relaxation, our body is able to heal. I offer Reiki at my Serene Valley studio as well as offering you the convenience of distance Reiki to you anywhere on Mother Gaia.

Benefits of Reiki include:

  • Stress reduction and relaxation

  • Pain relief

  • Improved sleep

  • Enhanced well-being

  • Stronger immune system

  • Increased intuition

  • Faster healing systems

You may choose to combine your Reiki Session with holistic counselling, crystal healing and/or sound therapy. 

Serene Valley Holistic Therapies | Advanced Crystal Healing Townsville

Advanced Crystal Healing Townsville

My specialty is advanced crystal body layout and crystal grid therapy. I am a Certified Master Transpersonal Crystal Healing Practitioner and a Certified Crystal Bodyworker where the training is in advanced crystal healing layouts.

People are natural energy fields that constantly connect to frequencies which are in and around us at all times. Our very cells, neurons, and tissues are crystalline structures, continuously sending and receiving frequencies.  Over time, our energy field may become clogged with frequencies and negative energies which do not serve us for our higher good, keeping us stuck in unwanted negative cycles. 

Chakra Balancing

During your crystal healing session, the crystals will be laid out over and surrounding your body and along 9 to 13  chakras (7 inside your physical body and 6 outside of your physical body).  A chakra is a "wheel" or "vortex" which is the centre of a vital, energetic force interrelated to the parasympathetic, sympathetic and autonomous nervous systems and are associated with certain emotions, body parts and functions. The chakras are linked together by the Nadis which connect to the meridians throughout the body.


As each crystal is intuitively selected to correspond with your unique vibration and energy centres, I place the crystals over your body and they immediately get to work. Throughout the session, I use a selection of various crystal layouts and wands to assist with removing negative energetic blockages, clearing, cleansing and then charging, balancing and aligning each crystal to raise the vibrations of your auric and energetic body. This amplifies the specific healing properties of that crystal, which in turn increases its healing effects throughout your body, mind and spirit.

Read our guide to balancing and aligning your 13 Chakras Blog here.


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Holistic Counselling Townsville

As a Master Holistic Counsellor -HH. Prac (Hol. Couns.), my approach is from a holistic perspective, considering the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit for your well-being.  I use a range of modalities which take into account your entire life experience, including the inner workings of your relationships, lifestyle, beliefs and values, to provide a comprehensive and integrative approach to counselling.

Some of the therapeutic techniques and modalities I use are;

  • Gestalt & Rogerian Talk therapy

  • Dream Therapy

  • Journaling

  • Gratitude

  • Grounding / Earthing

  • Mindfulness-based techniques

  • Meditation and breathing exercises

  • Art therapy

  • Tarot and oracle cards

  • Flower essences

  • NLP (Nero-Linguistic Programming) 

  • Yoga and body-centred approaches

  • Sound therapy

  • Chakra balancing

  • Past life regression therapy

  • Energy healing - Chakra, Meridian, Reiki and Crystal therapy

 My aim is to help you gain self-awareness, explore your emotional and mental state, identify patterns or blockages and develop strategies for personal growth and healing. I will work with you to focus on empowering you to take an active role in your own healing journey, fostering self-care, and promoting overall well-being.

Serene Valley Holistic Therapies - Sound healing Townville

Sound Healing Townsville

In recent times, we have become aware of the effects of sound in healing and how powerful the simple use of harmonics, resonance and intention is on every cell in our bodies.

The sound healing tools I use are Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, Tibetan Tingsha bells, chanting and Koshi chimes. These instruments herald changes in your bodily energies and compliment a Reiki and Crystal Healing or a relaxing meditation session perfectly.  Each crystal singing bowl used in our practice has the resonance of healing at a deep level and are tuned to the 7 main chakra systems at 432 Hz to work with the healing processes at a cellular level.

By immersing ourselves in the soothing resonance of sounds, we can attune ourselves to the Divine, gently descending into the realm of theta brainwaves, promoting profound relaxation and even facilitating restful slumber. This is a beautiful way of treating pain and illness gently without medicines.

We also use the angelic tunes of 4 Koshi Chimes, tuned to the elements of nature: Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Of course, you have the option to combine sound healing with your holistic counselling session along with Reiki and crystal therapy.

Some of the benefits of sound healing frequencies include:

  • Significant decrease in heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Increased relaxation, reduction in anxiety.

  • Improvements in sleep quality

  • Tools for space clearing and energy cleansing.

  • Boosts creativity and feelings of wellbeing.

  • Helps to increase feelings of love for self and others.

  • Reduces pain levels.

  • The miracle tone of the Schumann Resonance of various Hz frequencies of the Earth and connection to Mother Gaia.

  • Stimulating to the immune system.

  • Increased mental and emotional clarity.

Advanced Crystal Healing
Sound Heaing
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