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We'll provide updates on upcoming events, workshops, and gatherings.

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Newsletters 2024

What's Inside for June:

  • Stay posted.

What's Inside for May:

  • Stay posted.

What's inside:

April Newsletter Link

What's Inside for March:

  • Woo-hoo Moment - Voted 2023 Most Popular Award

  • Local Business Shoutout - Whimsical Intent

  • March Special - Buy 5, receive 1 absolutely FREE

  • Spiritual Practices Guide - Full Moon Ritual 25th March

  • Blog Post - 7 Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety, Stress & Depression

  • March Crystals - Aquamarine & Bloodstone

  • March Yoga Poses- Twists

  • I Love to Hear from You

March Newsletter Link

What's Inside for February:

  • Spiritual Practices Guide - Wake up Feeling

Amazing Everyday!

February Newsletter Link 

What's inside:

  • January Hot Offer

  • Chakra Cleanse & Balance

  • Chakra Healing Blog - Earth Star Chakra to Gateway Chakra

  • Spiritual Practices Guide to Begin the New Year

  • Meet the Team at The Townsville Spiritual Centre

  • January Crystal of the Month - GARNET

  • Women's Circles - Gather Your Girlfriends and Get Spiritual

  • January Yoga Pose of the Month - Mountain Pose

  • I Love to Hear From You

January Newsletter Link 

What's inside for December:

  • Gift voucher offer

  • Christmas Special 15% off with refer a friend

  • Now offering 30 minute chakra balance treatments

  • Wellness practices for the Christmas Season

  • Distance & Remote Treatments

  • I love your feedback

  • Rescheduling Policy


Merry Christmas Soul Family 

What's New at Serene Valley:

  • Bespoke Women's Circles - design your theme

  • November offer


Newsletter Link

What's New at Serene Valley:

October Newsletter Link

Newsletters 2023

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