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Townsville White Dove Release

We love to make a difference and one of our unique white dove release experiences promises just that - at any event - big, small, public or private.

White doves are a universal symbol of peace, purity, harmony, innocence and love, and we nurture all those qualities in our lovingly reared and specially trained birds.

Our objective is to ensure you, your loved ones and guests feel special as our white doves gracefully take wing, high into the sky.  

White Dove Release Townsville

White Dove Symbolise Purity Love Peace Spiritual 

White doves hold profound spiritual significance. Symbolising purity, representing the release of burdens and the emergence of a fresh start. Doves embody the Holy Spirit, signifying peace and Divine guidance. Native American traditions see doves as messengers between humans and the spiritual realm, carrying prayers and intentions to the heavens.
Doves are often associated with angels, acting as intermediaries between Earth and the celestial realms. Their gentle, monogamous nature signifies the eternal bond of love and commitment.

Whether as symbols of hope, harmony, or transcendence, white doves serve as reminders of our connection to the sacred and the enduring quest for spiritual

By releasing these doves at special events, we not only witness their breathtaking flight but also the embodiment of love, family, symbolism for our Ceremonial Doves.

Townsville Dove Release
Townsville Dove Release
  • Our doves are selectively bred and trained to return home to their loft following release at your special event or function.

  • Our doves are exercised and fly freely every day.

  • Our doves are housed in an airy, clean and spacious loft, safe from all predators.

  • Our doves health is carefully monitored and maintained.

  • Releases are conducted or overseen by trained staff. For the safety of our doves, we do not permit self-releases. 

  • Weddings - Proposals | Vow Renewals | Civil Partnerships | 

  • Romance - Anniversaries | Valentines Day | Picnics

  • Funerals - Memorials | Ashes Scattering | 21 Dove Salute

  • Life Events - New Baby | Christening | Baby Shower | Gender Reveal

  • Parties & Functions - Milestone Birthdays | Graduations | Retirement | Mothers Day

A white dove release is a deeply profound and soul-stirring experience. It transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on your heart and soul. This unique event brings a sense of awe and wonder, reminding us of the beauty and symbolism that can be found in nature's most elegant creatures.

As the pristine white doves take flight, they carry with them not only our hopes and dreams but also a sense of peace and unity.


Their graceful ascent into the sky symbolises the release of burdens, the closure of chapters, and the creation of space for positive change. It's a moment that lingers in your memory, a visual metaphor for letting go and embracing new beginnings.

Moreover, a white dove release is a powerful way to honour significant life milestones, from weddings to memorials and everything in between. These majestic birds become messengers of love, remembrance, and celebration, forging a deep emotional connection between you and your chosen event.

In the act of releasing these beautiful creatures, you're not just witnessing their flight; you're partaking in a profound experience that touches the heart and stirs the soul, leaving an enduring impression of grace, beauty, and the power of symbolism in our lives.

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