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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

We want to make your relaxation journey a memorable one. Explore some of the most frequently asked questions with their accompanying answers. If you can’t find what you need, contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Holistic Counselling | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

What can I expect during a holistic counselling session?

Holistic counselling is an approach to therapy that emphasises the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. It recognises that you as an individual are a complex being influenced by various factors, including your thoughts, emotions, physical health, relationships and spirituality. At Serene Valley Holistic Therapies, we believe that all these aspects of your life are interconnected and contribute to your overall well-being.

During your session, we focus on treating you as a whole person rather than just addressing specific symptoms or issues. We aim to understand your experiences and challenges within the context of your entire life and help you to explore how different aspects of your being may be affecting your mental and emotional health.

We will typically integrate various therapeutic techniques and interventions from different modalities to support you on your wellness journey. These may include in addition to traditional talk therapy, mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques, body-centred approaches, expressive arts, nutrition and exercise guidance such as yoga and other complementary therapies. The specific techniques used will depend on your needs, with the main focus being on Usui Reiki and Advanced Crystal Healing.

My goal as a holistic counsellor is to promote your self-awareness, enhance personal growth, facilitate self-healing and foster overall well-being. I aim to help you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your values and your life purpose. By addressing the interconnected aspects of your being, I seek to support you in achieving balance, wholeness and a more fulfilling life.

Reiki Townsville | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

What is Reiki?

Usui Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. It was developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk, as a method for promoting physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Reiki is based on the belief that there is a Universal life force energy that flows through all living beings. When this energy is low or blocked, it can result in physical or emotional imbalances and contribute to illness or distress. At Serene Valley Holistic Therapies, we use Reiki to channel this life force energy to facilitate healing and restore balance.

During your Reiki session, we usually use a hands-off approach, however we may place hands lightly on or just above your body in a series of hand positions. By using the hands, we act as a conduit for the flow of Reiki energy. The energy is intelligent, Universal life force energy and goes where it is most needed throughout the recipient's body and energy field.

Reiki is a non-invasive practice, and you will remain fully clothed during a session. The energy is gentle and soothing, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being. Clients often find it beneficial for emotional healing, pain management, and enhancing their spiritual connection.


Our unique style of Reiki is often practiced in conjunction with various spiritual traditions and is suitable to be used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medical treatments, but it is never meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment.

As with any complementary therapy, we always advise our clients to continue with their current medical treatment and to also consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any health concerns you may have. Check out our  'What is Reiki? Unveiling the Mysteries of Reiki blog.

Advanced Crystal Healing | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

What is involved with advanced crystal healing / bodywork therapy?

Advanced Crystal Healing Bodywork Therapy is a specialised form of energy healing that incorporates the use of crystals in combination with various healing techniques. It involves the placement of crystals on or around your body to facilitate energetic balance, release blockages, and promote overall well-being.

At Serene Valley Holistic Therapies, crystals are selected based on their unique properties and energetic qualities. Different crystals have specific vibrations and healing properties that can interact with the body's energy field, chakras, and meridian system.

During an Advanced Crystal Bodywork Healing Therapy session, we will place crystals on specific energy centers or points on the body, known as chakras, meridians or pain points. We also use crystals to create grids or patterns around the body or for distance sessions, will use a customised crystal grid placed on a sacred geometry layout.

The crystals amplify and direct healing energy, while also helping to release stagnant or negative energy from the body. The combination of crystal energy and the set intention will generate healing, restore balance, and support the client's overall well-being on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Advanced Crystal Bodywork Healing Therapy may be used to address various concerns, such as stress, pain, emotional imbalances, energetic blockages, and general relaxation. We use specific techniques and approaches, often in conjunction with holistic counselling and Reiki.

Our unique style of Advanced Crystal Bodywork Healing Therapy is often practiced in conjunction with various spiritual traditions and is suitable to be used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medical treatments, but it is never meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment.

​As with any complementary therapy, we always advise our clients to continue with their current medical treatment and to also consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any health concerns you may have. To learn about my favourite 7 crystals for anxiety, stress and depression click here.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions needed for holistic energy sessions can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances and goals. Factors such as the nature of the issue being addressed, its severity, and your response to the sessions all play a role. You may experience noticeable improvements after just one session, or you may require ongoing or regular sessions over a longer period. We will work together to make an assessment and recommendations, as your preferences and progress will be taken into account when determining the number of sessions. At the end of each session, we will discuss your progress and determine your needs based on your specific requirements.

How do I make an appointment?

All of the information regarding the various options is included on the 'Prices' page. Click on the image to select the modality you require.  Remember, my specialty is combining a number of modalities at your session.  

Or you may call me on mob: 0418 875 143 for an obligation free chat about your wellness requirements OR click here.

Generally the first appointment will be of a longer duration. This is so we can look at your wellness background and work on the goals for your wellness into the future.  When you are ready to make a booking, please call me on my mobile or click on the links to the 'Contact' page. Indicate the modality of our choice and note the best days and times.  

How do I pay for my appointment?

Our preference is for cash on the day, however you have the option to pay in advance by direct deposit or credit card, or you may pay by credit card on the day. 

This preference for cash transactions offers several advantages, especially in situations where digital payment methods might not be accessible. In the event of internet outages or power failures, cash remains a reliable form of payment. Unlike digital methods that rely on connectivity and electricity, cash transactions are independent of these utilities, ensuring smooth business operations even during such disruptions.

Furthermore, accepting cash supports the maintenance of a cash system, preserving its accessibility and benefits. By continuing to use cash, we can avoid additional bank fees and support local businesses that may prefer cash payments to minimise transaction costs.

Embracing cash payments as much as possible ensures a reliable, resilient and inclusive system that can function seamlessly in various circumstances, providing both convenience and long-term benefits for all parties involved. 

Can I claim my appointment on medicare or private insurance?

As part of its reforms, the Australian government conducted a review of natural and holistic therapies to assess their efficacy and determine their eligibility for coverage under Medicare and private insurance. The review concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support the efficacy of many of these therapies. Consequently, the government made the decision to downgrade and exclude various natural therapies from the list of eligible services.

There are very few complimentary therapies approved by the government, with their preference is to consult a medical practitioner in the first instance. As a result, energy healing and holistic counselling services are not currently covered by Medicare and private insurance in Australia.

What can I expect from my appointment?

Our session will begin with a review of your health requirements. We will then work on 1 - 3 wellness concerns by means of your selected modality. If you are receiving energy work such as Reiki or Advanced Crystal Healing Therapy, you will lie on the massage table fully clothed. If you experience any discomfort lying down, you may be seated comfortably on a sofa and bolstered with pillows to fully support your body during the session. 

After the session, you will be grounded with Reiki and crystal energy and offered some amethyst gem elixir or water to support the detoxification process. The healing energy emanates from the universal Divine source and will flow to you over the following 3 days and nights. You may expect a continuation of the effects of the energy work during that time.

Where are you located?

We are located in a unique pocket of acreage at Nome in Townsville known as 'Serene Valley', next to Billabong Sanctuary. 

10 minutes from Fairfield Central Shopping Centre

19 minutes Townsville City Centre

19 minutes from Stockland Shopping Centre

23 minutes from Willows Shopping Centre

31 minutes from Deeragun Villiage

We are easily located on Google Maps

What are your relevant qualifications?

I am a Master Healing Practitioner with certification and qualifications to Master level in Reiki, Crystal Healing and Holistic Counselling:

  • Certified Chakra Healing Master - Reiki Healing Association, UK

  • Master Holistic Counsellor Practitioner - HH.Prac (Hol. Couns)

  • Reiki Master Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage - (Certified Master Level III)

  • Certified Master Transpersonal Crystal Healing Practitioner - Evolve Healing Institute

  • Certified Transpersonal Crystal Healing Practitioner - Evolve Healing Institute

  • Certified Crystal Bodyworker - Evolve Healing Institute

  • YTT200 Yoga Teacher Training - Certified Yoga Teacher

Cancellation Policy

At Serene Valley, I operate on an appointment-only basis, always mindful of the importance of your time. I kindly request your understanding and cooperation in reciprocating this consideration. My schedule can become quite busy, and if I receive notification of a cancellation in advance, it allows me the opportunity to offer the appointment to someone else in need. Your support in this matter helps me provide the best care to all my clients.

To ensure services remain accessible to everyone, we kindly request a minimum of 48 hours' notice for appointment cancellations or rescheduling. Failing to provide adequate notice may result in payment for the full session fee.  


We acknowledge exceptional circumstances, such as emergencies or sudden illness,

where fees can be waived.

Our commitment to your well-being is valued, and your understanding and cooperation in helping to maintain an orderly schedule are greatly appreciated. Together, we can ensure that therapy remains accessible to all who need it.

For your convenience, you can cancel or reschedule by calling 0418 875 143, emailing, social media Messenger or using our website's contact form.

Disclaimer information

Holistic counselling and energy therapies is a complementary approach to traditional therapeutic methods and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided during holistic counselling sessions is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for professional advice or treatment.

It is important to consult with a qualified healthcare or mental health professional regarding any specific concerns or conditions you may have. Holistic practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, provide medical treatments, or prescribe medications.

Participating in holistic sessions is voluntary and individuals are responsible for their own well-being and choices. The effectiveness of holistic counselling may vary from person to person, and results cannot be guaranteed.

Confidentiality is an essential aspect of the therapeutic relationship. However, there are legal and ethical limitations to confidentiality, and the counsellor may be required to disclose information if there is a risk of harm to oneself or others, or if mandated by law.

By engaging in holistic counselling and energy therapies such as Reiki and Advanced Crystal Healing Bodywork, you acknowledge and accept these terms and understand that you are solely responsible for your own decisions and actions. If you have any concerns or questions about the scope or limitations of holistic counselling and energy work, please discuss them with me or seek advice from a qualified professional.

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