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Updated: Apr 15

What is your biggest obstacle for forgiveness?

  • I'm not ready, there is more inner work I need to do first.

  • The trust isn't there, I'm protecting myself from hurt.

  • I'm not their doormat. Forgiving is showing weakness.


Throughout our journey through the lessons of life, forgiveness is a karmic healing tool which guides us towards inner peace, spiritual growth, and healing. It's a reflective act that releases the person who is processing forgiveness from the shackles of resentment, jealousy, blame, anger and pain. These are some of the lower frequency vibrations that we absorb into our being causing emotional distress through to physical dis-ease and illness.

In this exploration, we will work through the spiritual dimensions of forgiveness, understanding its essence, and incorporating its transformative power into our healing journey.





Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but a pathway to inner strength. When we choose to forgive, we release ourselves from the burden of carrying the toxic energies of grudges and resentments. The act of forgiveness is not about condoning or accepting the actions of others, rather it is about setting ourselves free from the emotional connection to trauma or inner turmoil that binds us.

From a spiritual perspective, forgiveness aligns us with universal principles of compassion and love. It opens the channels for divine grace and love to flow through us, nurturing our souls and fostering harmony in our relationships with ourselves and others.


Forgiveness can be a journey, and it begins with a willingness to let go of past hurts. Here, I talk about some ways to cultivate forgiveness in our heart, body and soul.

Practice Empathy

You may struggle with understanding the perspective of the person who has wronged you. Empathy allows us to stand outside of the situation and consider the actions of the other person. If you are not able to bring empathy to the other person, work towards bringing the energy of empathy to the situation to soften the gap.

Release Resentment

Holding onto resentment will prolong your own suffering. The opposite of what we intend will often occur as we frequently find the unintended outcome emerges. When we harbour intentions of harm towards others or situations, the repercussions often rebound onto us. As the saying goes, "Holding onto unforgiveness or resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to suffer."

Consciously make the decision to choose to release unforgiveness, knowing that it no longer serves your highest good and the release is primarily for your benefit, not theirs.

Set Boundaries

Forgiveness doesn't mean you will open yourself to further harm. It's about self-love and respect, manifesting through setting protective boundaries.

For example, if someone repeatedly betrays your trust, forgiveness isn't about blindly trusting them again and again. Instead, it's about acknowledging the wrongdoing on their part, understanding its impact upon yourself and others, and establishing clear limits to safeguard your well-being.

This may entail expressing your needs openly, seeking spiritual guidance where needed, and discerning trust levels for your soul's growth. By embracing these boundaries, you honour your spiritual journey and prioritise alignment with higher vibrations, nurturing your mental and emotional well-being. It reflects a deep protection of your spiritual essence, acknowledging the divine within and aligning your actions with the path of love and respect for the journey of your soul.


Angels are divine messengers who offer guidance and support on our spiritual journey. Among them are angels known for their assistance in working through the process of forgiveness.  As we have free will, the angels will never interfere with our decisions, behaviours and life choices. However, they will step in and help when they are called upon for assistance.

Remember, outside of these angels I mention below, there is a plethora of what Angel Teacher Lorna Byrne refers to as 'unemployed angels' available to assist you. This is what Lorna calls angels who step in and help us physically when asked. These are different to archangels, guardian angels or teacher angels but are angels who are available to help us any time we ask. Unemployed angels are very gentle and loving, so never be afraid to ask for their help physically - or to ask them to help someone you love.

Archangel Michael

Known as the protector and defender, Archangel Michael can help release negative energies and cut cords of attachment to past grievances.

Archangel Michael offers invaluable aid in releasing negative energies and severing cords of attachment during the forgiveness process. His protective presence creates a safe space, shielding from interference as forgiveness unfolds. When invoked, Michael's sword of light becomes a potent tool for cutting the energetic cords linking individuals to past pains.

This symbolic act liberates from emotional entanglements, fostering empowerment and clarity. Freed from these ties, Michael will assist you to reclaim your energy and sovereignty, facilitating profound healing and integration.

Michael's guidance and support offer reassurance and strength as you work through your emotions, paving the way for forgiveness, emotional liberation, and spiritual growth. Through his assistance, you will be empowered to transcend past grievances, embrace forgiveness, continuing your path towards healing and wholeness.


Archangel Raphael

In the realm of forgiveness, Archangel Raphael emerges as a source of healing grace and compassionate guidance. With tender wings outstretched, he offers solace to those working through emotional turmoil. His radiant presence illuminates the path toward reconciliation, gently supporting your wounded heart.

As the celestial healer, Archangel Raphael infuses each moment with divine love, stitching together the broken threads of fractured spirits with threads of light. With his soothing whispers, love and nurturing, he provides healing energies that resonate deep within the soul.

Under his loving support, the journey of forgiveness transforms into a wholeness and inner peace. Calling on Archangel Raphael's, forgiveness becomes not only an act of release but also a profound journey of self-discovery and divine connection.


Guardian Angel

Our personal Guardian Angel is always by our side, never leaving us for one second.  Our Guarding Angel was assigned to us at birth and has unwavering and unconditional love, offering support as we navigate the complexities of forgiveness.  Call on your Guardian Angel for help and it will always be given.


Our Guardian Angel is assigned to us from birth and remains an ever-present companion, never wavering in their love and devotion. With boundless and unconditional love, it stands by us, offering unwavering support as we work through the

process of forgiveness. In times of need, we need only call upon our Guardian Angel and assistance will swiftly arrive. This celestial being serves as a loyal guide, illuminating our path with divine wisdom and compassion.

With its ethereal presence, we find solace and strength, knowing that we are never alone in our journey toward healing and reconciliation. Trust in the unwavering presence of our Guardian Angel, for its ever-present love knows no bounds.



A forgiveness meditation is a powerful tool to cleanse our hearts and minds of negativity. Here's a simple guide to practicing a forgiveness meditation, you may modify this as it resonates with you. 

Find a quiet and comfortable space to sit (or lie down).

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to centre yourself.

Breathe deeply, invoking calmness and serenity. Sit with palms together in Anjali mudra, connecting with the heart's essence.

Visualise the individual you seek to forgive, acknowledging any grievances held within. Embrace these emotions, knowing you are encircled by divine protection.

Allow yourself to feel the feelings you hold within you from the experience you had with the is person. You are safe and protected, call in the protection of Archangel Michael.

Think about what they did you to you. Allow yourself to feel. 

With your eyes closed, look into their soul, remembering you are safe and protected enveloped in the guardianship of Archangel Michael.

Speak gently, affirming: 

“The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you”

“We are both human and we are both leaning and evolving. We sometimes make mistakes. Some of these mistakes hurt other people. Even if we didn’t intend for them to be hurt”

“I now send you all of my forgiveness”

“The peace of the universe / source / god be with you – you are now forgiven”

Reflect on your forgiveness. Feel yourself letting go of anger / resentment / hatred / disappointment / hurt you have experienced.

Feel the burden of resentment dissolve as you release it to the universe. Smile to yourself, that person has now been forgiven.

You may repeat this 3 – 7 times or until you feel the negative feelings are being released and you are no longer hold power over you.



The concept of the ‘silver cord’ refers to energetic cords that form between individuals, especially in relationships. This occurs where there is a past life karmic connection, strong emotional ties, or unresolved issues. These cords can serve as channels for the exchange of energy, emotions, and attachments.

When we are working through forgiveness, particularly towards someone with whom you have had a significant emotional connection, cutting these cords becomes essential for releasing the attachment to past grievances and moving forward.

A Reiki practitioner can offer valuable support in cutting the silver cord or emotional connections through energy healing techniques. Using Reiki, the practitioner channels universal life force energy to help release energetic blockages and negative attachments that contribute to the cord's energies.

By focusing Reiki energy on the specific intention of severing the cord, your Reiki practitioner will assist in dissolving the emotional ties and attachments associated with past grievances and karmic ties. This process promotes freedom from the ties, emotional healing, allowing you to release resentment, anger, and pain while fostering forgiveness and inner peace.

Additionally, Reiki helps balance and harmonise the chakras or energy centres, promoting overall well-being and facilitating the integration of the forgiveness process. With the practitioner's guidance and the gentle yet powerful energy of Reiki, you can experience profound shifts, empowering you to embrace forgiveness and move forward on your healing journey.



Forgiveness Blog Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

Crystals have long been cherished for their metaphysical and healing properties, including their ability to facilitate emotional healing and forgiveness. My suggestion for crystals to use for forgiveness-enhancing qualities are Rhodonite, Chrysoprase, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite and Rose Quartz.


With its pink hues, is celebrated for fostering compassion and understanding, essential components of the forgiveness process. It encourages us to let go of resentment and embrace empathy towards ourselves and others.


With its vibrant green tones, it is useful to stimulate the heart chakra, promoting forgiveness and acceptance. It helps release negative emotions and encourages a sense of inner peace, making it easier to forgive past grievances.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, with its deep blue colouring is interwoven with flecks of pyrite. It is esteemed for its capacity to amplify communication and self-expression. It facilitates honest dialogue, introspection, and conflict resolution, fostering forgiveness and empathy.

Find a quiet space and hold the lapis lazuli in your hand. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Visualise the person or situation in which you seek forgiveness. Feel any emotions that arise without judgment. With each exhale, release resentment and anger. With each inhale, invite compassion and understanding. Repeat a mantra such as 'I forgive you, I release you, I set us both free.' Feel the weight of forgiveness lift as you let go of negativity. Open your eyes, knowing forgiveness brings healing and peace. Carry or wear the Lapis as a symbol of your journey toward forgiveness."


Amazonite, renowned for its tranquil aqua hues, serves as a conduit for forgiveness and communication. To use Amazonite for forgiveness, begin by meditating with the stone, visualising the situation or person involved. Let its calming energy permeate your being, aiding in releasing resentment and fostering understanding.

You can use Amazonite during heartfelt conversations, allowing its influence to facilitate honest and compassionate communication, paving the way for reconciliation. Write a letter of forgiveness or seek forgiveness by holding the stone in your hand, and reflect on your authentic emotions. Envision healing light enveloping you as you repeat affirmations of forgiveness, harnessing Amazonite's energy to amplify intentions.

Rose Quartz

With its gentle pink essence, is the quintessential crystal for love and forgiveness. It emanates unconditional love and compassion, encouraging forgiveness of oneself and others while healing emotional wounds with its nurturing energy.

Incorporating these crystals into meditation, carrying them with you, wearing as a bracelet or placing them in your environment can help cultivate forgiveness, allowing you to release past resentments and embrace a more peaceful and harmonious existence.


At the core of our being lies the essence of forgiveness. Our spirit is inherently compassionate and resilient, capable of transcending past hurts and embracing the present moment with love and acceptance.

When we align with our spiritual nature, forgiveness becomes a natural expression of our divine essence.


Forgiveness Blog | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies


Inner Peace

Forgiveness brings a sense of inner calm and serenity, freeing us from the turmoil of resentment and anger.


Embracing forgiveness heals the wounds of the past, allowing us to move forward with renewed vitality and wholeness.

Expanded Consciousness

Forgiveness opens our hearts to higher truths, expanding our consciousness and deepening our connection with the divine.

Enhanced Relationships

By practicing forgiveness, we cultivate deeper, more meaningful relationships built on trust, compassion, and understanding.

Spiritual Growth

Forgiveness is a catalyst for spiritual growth, propelling us towards greater self-awareness and enlightenment.

Divine Grace

Through forgiveness, we become conduits for divine grace, inviting blessings and miracles into our lives.


Acknowledge the Pain

Begin by acknowledging the pain or hurt caused by the person or situation you're seeking to forgive. Understand the impact it has had on you emotionally, mentally, and perhaps even physically.

Understand the Lessons

Reflect on the lessons you've learned from the experience. Consider how it has contributed to your personal and spiritual growth. Every experience, no matter how challenging, holds a lesson or opportunity for growth. Once you have learned the lesson presented to you, the behaviour patterns will be broken, and new experiences and lessons will be presented.

Journalling is an effective tool to use for this process. Ask yourself these questions and then as you work with your higher self, write down the answers:

How Has My Perception of the Other Person Shifted Through this Experience?

Reflect on how your perception of the other person has evolved throughout the challenging experience. Consider whether you've gained a deeper understanding, empathy, or forgiveness towards them.

In What Ways Has This Experience Contributed to My Spiritual or Emotional Growth?

Explore how this experience has contributed to your spiritual or emotional growth. Reflect on the insights gained, the healing achieved, and how this has expanded your consciousness or understanding.

What Insights Have I Gained About the Interconnectedness of Souls Through This Experience?

Consider how this experience has provided insights into the interconnectedness of souls and the broader spiritual journey. Reflect on any shifts in your understanding of karma, soul contracts, or the purpose of relationships.

How Can I Use this Understanding to Further Align with My Higher Self and Spiritual Path?

 Contemplate how the understanding gained from this experience can be utilised to align more closely with your higher self and spiritual path. Consider what actions you can take to integrate forgiveness, compassion, and growth into your spiritual journey.

Empathy and Compassion

Cultivate empathy and compassion for yourself and for the person or situation you're forgiving. Understand that everyone is on their own journey, and sometimes people act from a place of their own pain or ignorance.

Release Resentment and Anger

Recognise that holding onto resentment and anger only harms yourself. These emotions can

be like poison, affecting your well-being and peace of mind. Make the conscious decision to release these negative emotions.

Visualisation or Meditation

As outlined above, use visualisation or meditation practices to facilitate forgiveness. This might involve visualising yourself and the person you're forgiving surrounded by healing light or imagining yourself releasing any remaining negative energy tied to the situation.


Use affirmations to reinforce your commitment to forgiveness. Repeat affirmations such as "I release all resentment and anger" or "I forgive (name of the person), I bless them with love and release them from my life."


Remember to extend forgiveness to yourself if you feel any guilt or self-blame related to the situation. Understand that you're human, and it's natural to make mistakes or have regrets.


Finally, cultivate gratitude for the experience and the opportunity it has provided for growth and healing. Recognise that forgiveness is a powerful act of self-love and liberation.

Remember that forgiveness is a process and may not happen overnight. It's okay to revisit these steps as needed and give yourself time and patience as you work through the healing process.

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Ness Clare Certified Master Energy Practitioner


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