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"How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Abundance in Your Life"

Updated: May 2

Manifest Abundance | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies


In this blog, we delve into reprogramming negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and unconscious patterns that hinder your ability to manifest abundance. Abundance comes in various forms, not only financial abundance. Remember, abundance is not just about wealth, but also love, family, connections, joy, blessings, and beyond. We will provide some easy exercises and techniques to release resistance and develop self-awareness, which are essential components of working effectively with the Law of Attraction to create the lifestyle you desire.


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The Law of Attraction is a universal

principle that states that like attracts like, meaning that whatever thoughts, beliefs, and emotions we focus on, we attract more of into our lives. It operates on the premise that our thoughts and feelings emit vibrational frequencies that resonate with similar energies in the universe, thereby influencing the reality we experience. By directing our attention and intention towards positive thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, we can align ourselves with the abundant and harmonious experiences we desire.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we are co-creators of our reality and that we have the power to manifest our desires through the deliberate focus of our thoughts and emotions.

By maintaining a positive mindset, practicing gratitude, visualising our goals as already accomplished, and taking inspired action towards our dreams, we can harness the Law of Attraction to manifest our deepest desires.

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Releasing connections to manifesting lack is similar to decluttering the mind and creating space for abundance to flow in. It's about recognising and letting go of the belief patterns, thoughts, and behaviours that reinforce a mentality of scarcity. This process marks the beginning of manifesting abundance across all facets of your life.

Manifest Abundance | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

At its core, manifesting abundance is as much about mindset as it is about action. Often, our beliefs about scarcity are deeply ingrained, stemming from childhood experiences, societal conditioning, personal setbacks and even karmic ties to past life experiences. These beliefs form connections that influence our perception of what we can achieve or receive.

To shift from lack to abundance, we must first acknowledge these connections. This involves introspection, identifying our limiting beliefs, and understanding their origins. By shining a light on these patterns, we gain awareness and the power to release them.

Gratitude Practice

Cultivating a regular gratitude practice is a powerful spiritual exercise to shift from a lack to an abundance mindset. Each day, take a few moments to reflect on the blessings in your life, both big and small. Write them down in a gratitude journal by starting with 3 things you are grateful for. As you become accustomed to journalling, you may build up to 10 or more things you are grateful for. Focusing on what you're thankful for helps to reframe your perspective and recognise the abundance that already exists.

Affirmations and Positive Visualisation

Use affirmations and positive visualisation to reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance. Create affirmations that affirm your worthiness of abundance, such as:

"I am worthy of all the abundance life has to offer"

"Abundance flows to me effortlessly and abundantly."

Repeat these affirmations multiple times throughout the day. Mirror work is very powerful, look into your eyes in the mirror as you say your affirmations. Visualise yourself living a life of abundance in vivid detail. This practice helps to reinforce and retain positive beliefs to attract abundance into your life.

Let Go and Surrender

Practice the art of letting go and surrendering to the flow of life. Release attachment to specific outcomes and trust in the universe's abundant nature. This involves releasing control and allowing things to unfold naturally, knowing that everything happens in divine timing. Engage in activities like meditation, deep breathing, or spending time grounding in nature to cultivate a sense of peace and surrender. By surrendering to the present moment and trusting in the abundance of the universe, you open yourself up to receive the blessings that are meant for you.

These processes are not instantaneous; it's a journey of continuous growth and self-discovery. It involves replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones, fostering a sense of deserving, and aligning our actions with our desires.


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To develop a positive mindset, start by cultivating mindfulness, observing thoughts without judgment, and identifying negative patterns and triggers. Challenge these negative thoughts through cognitive restructuring, questioning their validity and reframing them into empowering beliefs, which you reinforce through affirmations. Surround yourself with positivity by seeking out supportive individuals, engaging in uplifting activities, and creating empowering environments, gradually diminishing the influence of negativity and nurturing a more optimistic outlook on life.

Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Take the time to observe your thoughts regularly, especially when you feel negative emotions like doubt or fear. By practicing mindfulness, you create a space for self-awareness to blossom. Notice the patterns and triggers behind your negative thoughts without judgment. This awareness allows you to catch them as they arise and consciously choose how to respond.

Cognitive Restructuring

When you recognise a negative thought, challenge its truth and accuracy. Ask yourself if there's evidence to support it or if it's based on assumptions. Then, reframe the thought into a more positive and empowering belief. For instance, if you catch yourself thinking, "I'll never succeed and be successful," you might reframe it as, "I am capable and have now overcome these challenges and achieved my goal." Repeat these positive, restructured affirmations to yourself regularly to reinforce the new belief and weaken the old negative pattern.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

The company you keep and the activities you engage in have a significant impact on your mindset. Seek out supportive friends, mentors, or communities that uplift and inspire you. Surround yourself with positivity by reading uplifting books, listening to motivational podcasts and videos, or practicing gratitude daily. By immersing yourself in a positive environment both externally and internally, you create a productive ground for optimism and empowerment to thrive, gradually releasing the influence of negative thoughts and beliefs.


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Becoming a vibrational match for abundance involves attuning your energy to the frequency of abundance through spiritual practices. Begin by connecting with your higher self through deep breathing, meditation or prayer. This helps you tap into the divine wisdom within and align with the universal flow of abundance. Visualise yourself surrounded by a radiant light of abundance, feeling gratitude for the blessings already present in your life.

When you engage in acts of self-love and self-care, you raise your vibration and cultivate a sense of worthiness. Treat yourself with kindness, honour your needs, and set healthy boundaries. When you prioritise your well-being, you signal to the universe that you are deserving of abundance in all its forms.

Here are 3 ways to raise your vibration to become a frequency match for abundance:


Set aside time each day to write out positive affirmations or scenarios as if they have already manifested in your life. Write in the present tense, describing in detail how you feel and what you're experiencing now that abundance is flowing to you effortlessly. This exercise helps to shift your focus towards what you want, rather than what you lack, and aligns your energy with the vibration of abundance.

For example, to manifest a new job, a new car or $1000, script as though you have already received:

"I am grateful to now have the perfect job opportunity that aligns with my skills, passions, and financial needs."

"I am excited to have now manifested a brand new car that reflects my style and meets my needs perfectly and effortlessly."

"I am so grateful to have received an unexpected financial windfall of $1000 into my life with ease."

Practice Pivoting

Whenever you catch yourself dwelling on negative thoughts or experiences, deliberately pivot your focus towards something more positive. Use the power of your imagination to envision a scenario or memory that brings you joy, gratitude, or excitement.

By consciously redirecting your thoughts towards positivity, you interrupt the momentum of negativity and realign with the vibration of abundance. For example, when you notice negative thoughts, change the thought to a positive.

If you're feeling stressed about work, pause and visualise a recent peaceful moment, focusing on the sensation of relaxation and joy it brought you.

When a negative thought about your finances arises, shift your focus to a memory of receiving unexpected money or a financial windfall, feeling grateful and excited for the abundance coming your way.

If you're feeling anxious about an upcoming event, imagine it going smoothly and successfully, visualising yourself feeling confident and accomplished afterward, surrounded by supportive friends or colleagues.


Embrace The Art of Allowing

Develop an attitude of trust and surrender by letting go of resistance and attachment to specific outcomes. Instead of trying to control every aspect of your life, allow the universe to deliver abundance to you in its own perfect timing and way. Practice non-resistance by accepting things as they are in the present moment, while remaining open and receptive to the abundance that is on its way to you.

Here are 3 examples of how to release and allow abundance:

Release Resistance Meditation

Set aside 5-10 minutes each day for a meditation focused on releasing resistance. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and take several deep breaths. As you breathe in, imagine yourself inhaling positive energy and relaxation. As you exhale, visualise releasing any tension, worries, or resistance you may be holding onto. Repeat this process, allowing yourself to let go more deeply with each breath.

Letting-Go Ritual

Choose an object that represents something you've been holding onto tightly or a situation you've been trying to control. Hold the object in your hands and silently affirm your willingness to let go of resistance and allow things to unfold naturally. Then, release the object, symbolising your surrender to the universe's plan. Allow yourself to feel lighter and free as you let go of attachment and allow it’s release.

Trust Walk

Take a short walk outdoors and consciously practice trusting in the universe's guidance. With each step, remind yourself that you are supported and guided by a higher power. Notice any resistance or doubt that arises and gently release it, allowing yourself to trust in the process of life unfolding. Focus on the sensations of the present moment, such as the feeling of the ground beneath your feet or the sounds of nature around you, as you continue to walk with trust and surrender.


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Manifest Abundance | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

Calling upon angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, deities, ancestors, elemental beings, spirit animals and extra-terrestrial beings or perhaps your higher self can provide guidance, support and assistance in manifesting abundance. These entities operate on higher spiritual planes and can offer insight, protection, and blessings to those who seek their help. 

We have free will, so often they will not interfere in your journey unless you request assistance. Here are some techniques you may like to use.

Sacred Rituals and Offerings

Create sacred rituals or offerings as a way to honour and invoke the assistance of these spiritual beings. Light candles, burn incense or medicinal herbs, or create an altar dedicated to guides. Offer prayers, affirmations, or written intentions expressing your desire for abundance and invite their presence to assist you in manifesting your goals.

Tarot and Oracle Cards

Use tarot, oracle cards or angel cards as a tool for receiving messages and guidance from the spiritual realm. Shuffle the cards with the intention of receiving insights and assistance, then draw your selection of cards and reflect on its message as it relates to manifesting abundance in your life.

Altar Creation

Create a sacred altar dedicated to angels, spirit guides, or ascended masters in your home. Decorate it with candles, crystals, and other sacred objects, and use it as a focal point for your prayers, intentions, and requests for assistance.

Guided Meditation

Listen to guided meditations specifically designed to connect you with your guides. Follow along with the meditation as it leads you through visualisation exercises and affirmations to invoke their assistance.

Energy Healing

Receive energy healing treatments such as Reiki, crystal healing or holistic counselling, inviting the assistance of your guides into the healing process. Trust that their divine energy is supporting you in releasing blockages and aligning with abundance.


Keep a dream journal by your bedside and ask angels and guides to communicate with you through your dreams. Before going to sleep, set the intention to receive guidance and insights from the spiritual realm, then pay attention to any dreams or symbols that arise during your sleep.

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Crystals are loved for their ability to amplify intentions and energies, making them powerful tools for manifesting abundance in all areas of life. Each crystal possesses unique properties that can enhance the manifestation process by aligning your energy with abundance frequencies. Pair your cleansed and charged crystals with intentions by carrying, using in a grid, wearing or placing in your living and workspace.

Here are 5 crystals I recommend using to manifest abundance:

Citrine - Known as the "merchant's stone, citrine is highly regarded for its ability to attract wealth, prosperity, and success. It carries the energy of the sun, radiating warmth, positivity, and abundance. Citrine can help remove financial blockages, stimulate creativity, and enhance one's confidence in manifesting abundance.

Green Aventurine - This stone is often referred to as the "stone of opportunity" and is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and abundance into one's life. Green aventurine is associated with growth, vitality, and optimism, making it an excellent crystal for manifesting abundance in all areas, including finances, career, and relationships.

Pyrite - Also known as "fool's gold," pyrite is a powerful crystal for attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It has a strong protective energy

that shields against negative influences while promoting confidence, assertiveness, and abundance consciousness. Pyrite is often used in abundance rituals and manifestation practices to amplify intentions and manifest financial success.

Tiger's Eye - Is a potent crystal for manifesting abundance due to its grounding and protective properties. It's known to enhance confidence, courage, and willpower, making it an excellent ally for those seeking to attract wealth and prosperity. Tiger's Eye stimulates the solar plexus chakra, the energy centre associated with personal power and abundance consciousness, helping to remove blockages and cultivate a positive mindset towards abundance.

Jade - Known as the "stone of abundance," jade is revered for its ability to attract prosperity, success, and good fortune. It carries a gentle, nurturing energy that promotes harmony, balance, and abundance consciousness.


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Vision boards can sometimes fall short of expectations due to various factors that can hinder their effectiveness. When we gaze upon our vision board, negative thoughts and self-doubt can arise, undermining our belief in our ability to manifest our desires. As we see the images and aspirations depicted, our sub-conscious may trigger doubts about our worthiness, capability, or the feasibility of our dreams. These doubts create energetic barriers that impede the manifestation process, as our thoughts and beliefs directly influence our ability to attract our desires. When the images on your vision board are not specific, they can introduce ambiguity that might work against your manifestations. For instance, if the model of the car or the style of house in your board isn't specifically defined, it could lead to confusion or even inadvertently attract outcomes that aren't aligned with your intentions. Therefore, as it is difficult to choose images that precisely represent your desires of manifestation, the process remains unfocused and ineffective.

Without addressing and shifting these negative patterns, our vision board becomes a reflection of our limitations rather than a means for manifestation, hindering our progress towards our goals.

Try the ‘Squiggle’ Vision Board Technique:

This technique requires you to visualise the object you wish to manifest as you draw a squiggle on a card or piece of paper. As you dwell on all characteristics of this object, allow your thoughts to be specific. The squiggle you draw becomes a subconscious symbol of the object you wish to manifest. This squiggle taps into the power of intention and the communication between our higher self and conscious mind. By drawing a simple squiggle that represents your manifestation goal, you will bypass the interference of the ego self and its tendency to trigger negative beliefs around our ability to manifest.

You may do a squiggle to symbolise each of the desires you wish to manifest, love, car, money or new home. When you look at the squiggles on the paper, your higher self understands the meaning or symbolism behind them, recognising the intention for the object you are manifesting. This will bypass doubts or limitations imposed by the ego mind. This allows for a direct and unfiltered connection to your deepest desires, enabling you to align with the vibrational energy of manifestation without being hampered by negative thoughts or self-doubt. The squiggle serves as a symbolic bridge between your conscious intentions and your subconscious mind, facilitating a clear channel for manifestation to unfold effortlessly.

Try the Sigil Technique:

Crafting a sigil for manifesting abundance involves condensing your intention into a succinct symbol, made of letters, lines, curves and shapes. Begin by meditating on the item you wish to manifest, clarifying its form and significance to you. Then write a short statement regarding the object you wish to manifest. To create a sigil from this, write letters, significant symbols and meaningful shapes you interpret from the statement into a simple form or symbol.

Transform the essence of your intention or symbol into a unique design, allowing your intuition to guide the process. Combine and rearrange elements until the sigil resonates with your intention. Infuse it with positive energy and intent as you create.

Utilise the sigil as intentions for your vision board, alongside any other affirmations reflecting the abundance you seek. You may also like to create a crystal grid over the top of your sigil to reinforce intentions.

Regularly engage with your squiggle or sigil intentions, meditating on the fulfilment of your desires as though they have already manifested. Visualise the abundance you have manifested in your life.

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The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is deeply connected to our sense of safety, security, and stability, including our financial security. When the root chakra is balanced and functioning optimally, we feel grounded, secure, and supported in all aspects of our lives, including our finances. However, imbalances or blockages in the root chakra can lead to feelings of fear, insecurity, and instability around our finances, which can negatively impact our ability to attract and maintain abundance. Balancing the root chakra is crucial for cultivating a healthy relationship with money and building abundance. Check out our Blog with techniques for balancing your Root Chakra. Blog: Root Chakra - Grounding Like a Boss.


Here are some practices to help balance the root chakra and enhance feelings of safety and security around building abundance:

Grounding Exercises - Engage in grounding exercises such as walking barefoot in nature, gardening, or spending time outdoors to connect with the Earth's energy. Grounding helps anchor your energy to the present moment and fosters a sense of stability and security. Check out our Blog: How Grounding Can Improve Your Health

Root Chakra Meditation - Practice root chakra meditation to visualise a red, grounding energy at the base of your spine. Imagine this energy spinning and expanding, filling you with feelings of safety, security, and stability. Focus on releasing any fears or insecurities related to finances and affirm your worthiness to receive abundance.

Try our short Muladhara Chakra | Root Chakra meditation:

Physical Activity - Engage in physical activities such as yoga, Tai Chi, or dance that focus intention on the lower body and root chakra area. These activities help stimulate energy flow in the root chakra and promote feelings of strength, stability, and groundedness.

Crystal Healing - Work with grounding crystals such as obsidian, hematite, black tourmaline, or red jasper to balance the root chakra and enhance feelings of stability and security. With intention, carry these crystals with you or place them near your root chakra during meditation to amplify their healing properties.

Affirmations - Repeat affirmations that focus on safety, security, and abundance to reprogram your subconscious mind. Examples include:

"I am safe, secure, and supported in all areas of my life,"

"I trust that abundance is always available to me," and "I am worthy of receiving financial prosperity."

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As we release connections and patterns to manifesting lack, we open ourselves to the abundant possibilities that surround us. We become conscious co-creators of our reality, actively shaping a life filled with prosperity, joy, and fulfilment. By letting go of a scarcity mentality, we pave the way for abundance to flow effortlessly into every aspect of our lives.

May your path be illuminated with abundance, prosperity and fulfilment,

Ness Clare Reiki  Energy Crystal Healing Townsville

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