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      Our Women's Sister Circles  
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"When Women Gather, the World Will Heal"
                                                              - Hopi Prophecy
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Ness Clare | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies Townsville
Womens Circles | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies Townsville
Womens Circles | Serene Valley Holistic Therapies Townsville

Manifest, Release, Learn, Laugh, Cry & Share Together

Step into a world of connection and empowerment with our Serene Valley Women's Circles in Townsville – a sanctuary where laughter, tears, and stories intertwine. Here, we embrace the journey of sisterhood, supporting one another through our individual journeys. 

Through shared moments of joy and vulnerability, we build bonds that uplift and inspire.

In our circle, we explore the ancient art of Reiki, tapping into the soothing energy that flows within us, nurturing our bodies and spirits.

Serene Valley Holistic Therapies - Women's Circle
The mysteries of crystals unfold as we delve into their energies, learning how these earth treasures can enhance our lives. With hearts open to the cosmos, we come together to honour the full moon, celebrating its radiant influence on our paths.
But it's not just about the ethereal – we're also grounded in the practical. We release the weight of what no longer serves us, creating space for growth and transformation. Unapologetically, we embrace the power of manifestation, setting intentions with the fierceness of a determined spirit of a warrior woman!
Join us in our Women's Circle, where authenticity reigns, and we manifest our dreams with unwavering strength. Here, we laugh, we cry, we share – bound by a collective journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Niki Ryder

Wildsol Women's Collective - Financial Freedom Online 

Crystal Classes at Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

Crystal  Classes

In our crystal class, you'll delve into the enchanting realm of crystals and their profound energy.

Discover their unique properties, from grounding obsidian to calming selenite. Learn how to cleanse, charge, and connect with crystals, unlocking their full potential.

Explore crystal grids for intention-setting and delve into chakra alignment for holistic balance.

From selecting the right crystals to understanding their spiritual and healing aspects, this class offers insights into incorporating crystals into your daily life. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to deepen your knowledge, join us to awaken your inner crystal practitioner and embark on a journey of energy, harmony, and transformation.

Serene Valley Holistic Therapies - Women's Circle


In our guided meditation, you'll embark on a transformative journey to inner tranquillity.

Learn various meditation techniques that cultivate mindfulness, clarity, and emotional well-being. Discover the art of breath awareness, grounding you in the present moment.

Explore guided visualisations and Yoga Nidra to promote relaxation. Through these practices, you'll develop the skills to manage stress, enhance focus, and find inner peace. Whether you're new to meditation or seeking to deepen your practice, join us to cultivate a serene mind and embark on a path of self-discovery and growth. Meditation in our Women's Circle fosters inner peace, self-awareness, and emotional resilience, nurturing connections and empowerment.

Full Sound Healing Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

Sound Healing

Embark on a sonic journey in our sound healing sessions, where you'll explore the profound effects of sound on the body and mind.

Learn about various healing instruments, such as Tibetan singing bowls to crystal quartz bowls, and how they harmonise vibrations within you. Discover the resonance of the Koshi chimes and dive into the therapeutic power of sound bath meditation, experiencing deep relaxation and stress reduction. Through these practices, you'll learn to restore balance, release tension, and tap into your body's innate healing capacities. Join us to unlock the transformative potential of sound and embrace a renewed sense of harmony.

Step into our Women's Circle Townsville

Step into our Women's Circle, a haven of holistic well-being and sisterhood.

Manifesting Abundance:

In our manifesting abundance circle, we guide you through powerful techniques to attract positivity and prosperity. Learn to align intentions with actions, harnessing the law of attraction. Explore visualisation, affirmation, and gratitude practices to cultivate abundance in all aspects of life. Join us to manifest your dreams into reality.


A transformative practice that propels us towards our aspirations. Together, we release what weighs us down, creating space for growth and renewal. Through shared energy, we harness the magic of manifestation, aligning our desires with the frequency of the flow of the Universe.

Tea Ceremony:

Immerse yourself in the gentle art of the tea ceremony, where each cup becomes a moment of mindfulness, a chance to savour the moment, deeply feel the sensations and be in the present. The tea ceremony is a timeless form of meditation. With each deliberate step, from steeping to sipping – we immerse ourselves fully, embracing pure awareness. Master this art of being present, fostering a sense of calm and unity as we share in this meditative experience together. This shared experience cultivates unity and serenity, inviting us to embrace presence and connection in harmony.

Release What No Longer Serves Us:

In our releasing circle, we gently guide you to let go of what no longer serves you. Through reflection and ritual, learn to release self-limiting belief systems and unlock and understand negative patterns you may have formed over time. Embrace transformation by creating space for new growth. Join us to embrace a path of empowerment and renewal. Combining this with the use of Reiki and crystal therapy, we lean various modalities for self healing.

Profound Connection:

The heart of our circle is the profound connection we share. We laugh, we cry, and we learn from each other's stories. Our space resonates with the deep connections we build that nurtures the soul. The expression of voices, experiences, and dreams woven together.

In Invite You to Join Us:

Join us in this sacred space of Reiki, crystal healing, tea, meditation, intention, release, manifestation, sound therapy, and authentic sharing. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and sisterhood, where each moment is a step towards embracing our true selves.

With gratitude,


Ness Clare Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

Let’s Work Together

Are you and your circle of friends ready for an immersive experience?

2 hours | half day | full day

We take groups of 4 to 10 women.


Step into our transformative circle, where unity and growth await.


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