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The Healing Wonders of Remote & Distance Reiki | Crystal & Energy Healing

Distance Reiki - Serene Valley Holistic Therapies with Ness Clare


These days technology has become a given. Even Grandma embraces devices such as radio, television and her mobile phone, not to mention using email, Zoom and social media! The concept of transmitting various forms of communication through sound and energy frequency began with the invention of the first wireless radio was in 1896. The two-way radio came along in the 1920's and it wasn't until 1947 when the first handheld transistor was developed. These new concepts were groundbreaking at the time.

Throughout the years, we have seamlessly incorporated technology into our lives, facilitating connections across great distances, thinking nothing of sound, images, video, and documentation being transmitted to the other side of the planet and even to the moon - if you believe in that. Consequently, it shouldn't be astonishing that holistic healing approaches like Reiki, crystal and energy healing work on similar principals and trace their historical roots back to the virtual realm.

There is a phenomenon known as piezoelectricity, which is an essential component in all of our communication devices, from microphones and mobile phones to tv's, microwaves, fire alarms, medical devices, ultrasound transducers, and every computer. It plays a pivotal role in transmitting sound, images, videos, and written information. Piezoelectricity is harnessed in devices using mainly quartz crystals to convert mechanical stress into electrical voltage. When pressure is applied, the crystal deforms, creating a charge.

Electrical technology harnesses electrons for power. Piezoelectricity generates electric charge from placing crystals under mechanical pressure and stress. Remote Reiki, a holistic practice, transmits healing energy and frequencies across distances. While electrical tech relies on conductors, piezoelectricity converts mechanical force of crystals, and Reiki taps into metaphysical energy, each illustrates diverse applications of energy principles.

All that science aside, remote energy healing is now gaining popularity as clients seek a more convenient way to restore balance and well-being in their lives. In this blog, we explore the intriguing modalities of remote Reiki, crystal and energy healing. We will delve into what it feels like, what to expect from a session, what are the incredible benefits it offers, how to prepare for it, and the fascinating way Reiki and crystal healing transcends time and space.




For those who are new to Reiki and other energy healing modalities, its essence lies in the channelling of Universal life force energy through the practitioner to you. Traditional Reiki involves physical touch, however in my practice, I am rarely called to touch clients during an in-person session, preferring the method of ‘beaming’ the energy to my client's energy centres.  Remote Reiki works similarly to this, transcending the constraints of proximity and can be sent with intention directly to any individual on the Earth plane.


Imagine these energy frequencies as waves traversing the Universe, guided by the energy generated by Universal love and light, through a Reiki practitioner's focused intention to you. In a quantum perspective, non-locality allows energy to connect beyond time and space. 

But we’ll touch briefly on the concept of time and space in a minute.

You may have feelings of sensations such as warmth or tingling energy frequencies, during the session. On occasion, you may only feel the

peaceful energies, calming and relaxing you. A remote Reiki session is a safe platform for you to absorb the profound interconnectedness of all things, revealing the limitless potential of the Mind |Body | Spirit energy relationship across any distance.


The experience is often described as deeply relaxing, with most people noting a release of tension and a heightened state of peace.  Distance Reiki is also able to address concerns you may be experiencing regarding pain, anxiety, depression, and feelings of overwhelm.

The sensations during a remote Reiki session do vary from person to person, however the common thread is a profound sense of connection to a healing energy source that goes beyond physical touch and presence.



Distance Reiki sessions will typically begin with a consultation over the phone. This allows me to develop an understand your specific needs and intentions for the session. The actual energy healing can then take place at your appointment time. We will discuss your wellness needs by phone, Messenger or Zoom, before the energy healing work commences. You will then relax in a quiet, comfortable space to allow and receive the healing energies.


Prior to your session, I will have prepared a crystal grid selected and designed intuitively for your specific needs, whether they are emotional, physical or spiritual. I activate your grid a photograph and short video of the grid are sent to you to keep. Once a crystal grid is infused with the potent energies of crystals and Reiki, its activation transcends the constraints of time and space, enduring indefinitely. The vibrational frequencies emitted by the grid will continue infinitely in the expanse of the quantum field, perpetually accessible at your convenience. When you gaze upon the crystal grid's image, the energies seamlessly flow, delivering the curative essence of Reiki and crystal energies contained within along with the embedded intentions.

This enduring resonance allows you to tap into healing energies whenever needed, fostering a perpetual connection with the grid's revitalising energy. The harmonious combination of crystals and Reiki transforms the grid into a timeless conduit, ensuring that its therapeutic vibrations remain an enduring source of support and well-being in your journey.

During the session, I use various techniques, such as visualisation, intention setting, and focused energy transmission, to channel healing energy to you.

Working with angels, spirit guides and Ascended Masters, messages, images and karmic connections to past lives are used to enhance the healing experience. Whilst you will not physically feel human touch, the energetic connection is reported to be felt and as potent. Many clients opt for a distance energy healing session as the effects are as strong as an in-person approach, and they can do it in the comfort and security of their own environment.


After the session, we will connect again to share the experiences and insights into the healing patterns. Many clients express the physical sensations they experienced like heat, tingling, colour visualisation, emotional sensations such as feelings of being supported, inner peace, reduced stress, and heightened well-being. This is also my opportunity to let you know any messages which may have been delivered to assist you on your healing pathway, and any spiritual practices I prescribe to continue the momentum of your wellness journey. Often when there are chakra imbalances, I will lead you to my 'Get to Know your 13 Chakras Blog, which I have designed as a tool with a selection of spiritual practices, mindful activities and methods to cleanse, balance, align and charge those specific chakras.




In remote healing, Reiki and Crystal Healing transcends physical confines, providing accessibility for those either unable to attend in-person, or choosing to work remotely due to factors such as geographical constraints, health issues, mobility concerns, time limitations or simply unavailability of a practitioner in your area.

Not surprisingly, there's been a notable increase in clients opting for remote work, even among those residing in the same town. This shift is attributed to various reasons:


Time Constraints:

Opting for distance Reiki when facing other daily commitments such as work, study or other appointments. Clients appreciate the flexibility it provides without the need for travel.

Health Concerns:

Avoiding in-person sessions due to concerns about an existing transmittable illness such as cold and flu, prioritising the well-being of themselves and others.


Family Commitments:

Choosing remote sessions for parents with children or carers with elderly family members, eliminating the need for last-minute carer arrangements.


Comfort and Familiarity:

Preferring the comfort of one's own bed or meditation space during a remote session, creating a relaxed and familiar environment for the healing experience.


Physical Limitations:

Dealing with a physical condition or disabilities that makes traveling to an in-person session challenging, prompting the preference for the accessibility of distance work.

Global Accessibility:

Connecting with a Reiki and Crystal Healing Practitioner located in a different geographical region, expanding options for individuals who resonate with specific practitioners but are unable to meet in person due to geographical constraints.




Preparing for a remote session involves creating a favourable environment for relaxation and receptivity. Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed and make it comfortable with supportive bolsters, cushions or blankets. Put electronic devices on silent to minimise electronic distractions and let anyone also in your home or space know you will be relaxing for a time. Ensure any children or adults who require care have had their needs met prior to the appointment and find an activity for them to do whilst you are relaxing and receiving your healing energies.


You may like to make some notes about your concerns prior to the appointment, so you can recall the concerns you wish to address and communicate openly with about your expectations and any specific areas of focus.


Open-mindedness and a willingness to receive the energy are essential. While it may initially seem unconventional to experience healing from a distance, the efficacy of remote healing work often surprises those who are hesitant. Approach the session with an open heart and mind, allowing the energy to flow freely. Ask any questions you may have and address any concerns during your initial conversation, so any apprehension can be allayed.




At its core, Reiki operates on the principle that energetic frequency is not bound by the limitations of time and space. The concept of distant healing is grounded in the understanding that ENERGY FOLLOWS INTENTION. When I use Reiki and crystal healing to direct intention and energy toward a specific situation, person, animal or geographical area, a healing connection is created that transcends physical proximity. When we understand that time is a human-made concept in the energetic world, time and space does not exist and all existence is run parallel to the current time frames. Past and present existence operates concurrently with current time frames, challenging conventional perceptions of temporal and spatial limitations.


Quantum physics offers a perspective that aligns with the concept of distant healing in Reiki. The interconnected nature of energy fields and the non-locality of particles suggest that the energetic connection established during remote Reiki is not only plausible but may also be a fundamental aspect of the Universe.


Remote Reiki and Crystal Healing opens the doors to healing and wellness that extend far beyond the confines of physical touch. The profound experiences reported by clients and the adaptability of this practice make it a valuable option for those seeking holistic well-being. As we continue to explore the realms of energy healing, distance or remote work stands as a testament to the boundless potential of the Mind | Body | Spirit connection.


Trusting in the Universal flow of healing,


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