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Reiki Chakra Series โ€“ Get to Know Your 13 Chakras โ€“ DIVINE GATEWAY CHAKRA

Divine Gateway Chakra - Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

How to Balance and Align the Divine Gateway Chakra

๐„๐ง๐ž๐ซ๐ ๐ž๐ญ๐ข๐œย ๐–๐จ๐ซ๐ค: Energy matrix, Gateway to the cosmos

๐‚๐จ๐ฅ๐จ๐ฎ๐ซ: Shimmering gold, multi coloured

๐‹๐จ๐œ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง: 15cm above the Galactic Chakra

๐‚๐ซ๐ฒ๐ฌ๐ญ๐š๐ฅ๐ฌ: Clear quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Iolite, Phenakite

๐„๐ฌ๐ฌ๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐ข๐š๐ฅย ๐จ๐ข๐ฅ๐ฌ: Sea Salt Crystals

๐˜๐จ๐ ๐š: Yamas - Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya, Aparigraha

Dhyana โ€“ 'Absorbtion' Meditation, Visualisation Pranayama โ€“ Three Part Breathing, Ocean Breathing,

Alternative Nostril Breathing


Sitting above the previous 12 chakras we have discussed in our previous blogs, is the is the Divine Gateway Chakra, also known as the Stellar Gateway Chakra. This final point we come to on our 13 chakra journey represents full ascension and complete oneness with the Divine.

Activating this energy centre opens the door into the sphere of Divine realms. When this realm has been opened, you will have developed the spiritual knowledge to guide others along their spiritual journey to cosmic connection. The 12th chakra (the Earth Star was number 1 in our series) appears as golden or multi-coloured, shimmering energy. When your Divine Gateway Chakra is activated, your Divine essence is complete. You are on the pathway of the Divine gateway to the other worlds and realms and a Divine light portal allowing your complete connection to Source. You open the door to explore other realms with full ascension, advanced spiritual skills and complete oneness with Divinity. Here you will understand the full connection to the cosmos, the galaxies and beyond.

The Divine Gateway Chakra holds immense significance in the realm of spiritual awakening. Positioned as the 4th non-physical chakra located above the crown chakra, it acts as a conduit for higher consciousness and Divine connection. Activating this chakra is believed to facilitate a profound spiritual transformation, allowing us to transcend earthly limitations and tap into the universal source of wisdom and love.





Certain crystals and gemstones resonate with the energy of the Divine Gateway Chakra, enhancing its activation and balance. Stones like clear quartz, Herkimer diamond, Iolite and Phenakite are associated with this transcendent chakra. These crystals are believed to amplify spiritual energy, promote clarity of thought, and facilitate a stronger connection with the Divine.

Below we outline our top 4 crystals for cleansing and charging the Divine Gateway Chakra, harnessing the unique energies of each crystal to facilitate spiritual connection and alignment. Here's a guide on how to utilise them for this purpose:


Cleansing - Place an Iolite crystal at your third eye or if you are lying down, place it around 45 cm above your crown. Allow its gentle energy to dissolve any mental or emotional blockages hindering spiritual insight.

Charging - Carry or wear Iolite during the day or hold while in meditation. Visualise the crystal's indigo energy expanding and awakening your higher consciousness.

Clear Quartz

Cleansing - Hold a clear quartz crystal in your hands and focus your intention on your Divine Gateway Chakra. Envision the crystal absorbing any stagnant or negative energies from the chakra. Feel the purity of the quartz clearing away any blockages.

Charging - Place the clear quartz on your forehead, with your intention of it radiating up towards your Gateway Chakra. Visualise a stream of pure white light flowing from the crystal into the chakra, revitalising, energising, and charging it with its full potential of energy.

Herkimer Diamond

Cleansing - Gently rub the Herkimer Diamond over the space of the Gateway Chakra in small circular anti-clockwise motions. Imagine the crystal drawing out impurities and creating a harmonious flow of energy.

Charging - Hold the Herkimer Diamond close to your chakra and visualise it infusing the chakra with radiant light. Sense the high vibrational energy of the Herkimer Diamond enhancing your spiritual connection.


Cleansing - Hold your piece of Phenakite and imagine its pure vibrations dissolving any remaining energetic impurities. Feel a sense of clarity and lightness as it opens up and releases any stuck energies which no longer serve you on your path.

Charging - Meditate with Phenakite in your hands, focusing on your Gateway Chakra. Picture the crystal's energy forming a bridge between your earthly existence and higher realms, charging the chakra with Divine light.


Remember to set your intentions clearly during each step, expressing gratitude for the assistance of these crystals. Trust your intuition and allow the energy exchange between the crystals and your Divine Gateway Chakra to unfold naturally. Regularly cleanse and charge your crystals outside of meditation or use, where necessary to maintain their efficacy in supporting your spiritual journey.



Meditation is a powerful tool for balancing and aligning the Divine Gateway Chakra. Through focused meditation, we may channel our awareness to the energy above the crown, visualising a radiant sphere of light. This practice helps open the gateway to higher consciousness, fostering a sense of unity with the Divine and promoting inner peace.


Begin your meditation by finding a comfortable seated position, or lying down on your back, arms by your sides, and palms facing up. Close your eyes gently, bringing your awareness to your breath. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling positivity, exhaling any tension.


To be able to open the non-physical higher chakras, it is important to be grounded and intrenched in the essence of Mother Gaia. Place your feet on the floor and feel the surface beneath you. Connecting with the Earth's supportive energy. Visualise roots extending from your body into the Earth, anchoring you deeply within her nurturing crust.


Shift your focus to each part of your body, starting from your toes and move through the physical body up to the crown of your head. Allow each part to relax completely, releasing any tension. Feel a sense of warmth and heaviness spreading through your feet, limbs, your torso, back body, face, and scalp.

Divine Gateway Activation

Bring your attention to the space just above your head, where the Divine Gateway Chakra is located. Envision a radiant, indigo light gently swirling, creating a gateway to the cosmic energies beyond.

Set Your Intention

Set a clear intention for this practice. What do you want to achieve from the Divine Gateway Chakra? Whether it is a spiritual connection, higher guidance, or cosmic insight, express your intention with clarity.

Divine Gateway Chakra - Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

Divine Light Visualisation

Imagine a beam of pure, golden-white light streaming down from the cosmos through the Divine Gateway Chakra through the top of your crown. Feel this Divine light enveloping your entire being, filling you with unconditional love, wisdom, and higher consciousness.


Silently or out loud, say any affirmations that resonate with your spiritual goals. Affirm your connection to the Divine, your openness to receive guidance, and your alignment with cosmic energies.

Cosmic Journey

Visualise yourself floating in space, surrounded by stars and celestial bodies. Feel a profound sense of unity with the Universe. Allow any insights or messages to flow into your awareness.


Express your deep gratitude for the cosmic energy received. Acknowledge the connection with the Divine Gateway Chakra and the expansive possibilities it brings.

Return to Awareness

Gently bring your awareness back to your breath. Feel the rise and fall of your chest, the sensation of your body resting. When you are ready, slowly begin to deepen your breath and open your eyes.

As you integrate the energies from the Divine Gateway Chakra, carry the sense of connection and higher consciousness into your daily life. Embrace the cosmic wisdom that resides within you.



Archangel Seraphina Serene Valley Holistic Therapies

Archangel Metatron works closely to lift you into the higher realms of the Gateway, and I invite you to read one of our previous blogs where we discuss how to work with him. You can check out a previous blog highlighting Metatron for invoking his assistance here in the Universal Chakra blog here.

In this blog, we invite in Archangel Seraphina, steeped in Divine light, as she is also associated with the higher realms of the Divine Gateway Chakra.

Radiating love, compassion, and purity, Seraphina is here to guide you on your spiritual journey, helping to transcend earthly limitations. As an emissary of Divine wisdom, she is invoked for clarity, enlightenment, and connection to higher consciousness. Those who seek her presence often envision a shimmering, ethereal figure, embodying serenity and grace. Archangel Seraphina is a symbol of transcendence, leading souls towards profound spiritual awakening and harmonious alignment with the cosmic energies.

Invocation to Archangel Seraphina for Divine Gateway Chakra Activation

Divine Archangel Seraphina, radiant guardian of the celestial realms, I humbly call upon your transcendent light to illuminate the path to the Divine Gateway Chakra. In this sacred moment, I open my heart and soul to your loving presence, seeking your guidance in activating the portal to higher consciousness.

Seraphina, bearer of Divine wisdom, I stand before you with reverence and pure intentions. As I embark on this spiritual journey, I invite your ethereal energy to flow through me. With each breath, may the brilliance of your celestial light cleanse and purify my being.

Archangel of the Stella Gateway, I ask you to grace me with your transformative power. As I envision a luminous sphere of golden-white radiance, I ask for your assistance in unlocking its potential.

Empower me to transcend earthly limitations, awakening the dormant energies that reside within.

Guide me through the realms of enlightenment, and as I navigate the cosmic energies, may the Stella Gateway Chakra blossom like a celestial flower. Let its petals unfold, revealing the infinite possibilities of spiritual expansion and connection to the Divine.

With gratitude, I thank you, Archangel Seraphina, for your Divine presence and the activation of the Stella Gateway Chakra. May this sacred union elevate my consciousness and align me with the harmonies of the cosmos.

So be it, in love and light.



Generally, the chakras observed in yogic practices focus on the main 7 chakras. The concept of higher, non-physical chakras is usually observed in yoga asana practice. You may like to read some of our previous blogs which outline yogic practices such as asanas, breathing techniques and meditation which you may use for the crown chakra up to the Gateway here.

Here we will outline how adopting a lifestyle that aligns with the yogic Yamas, the first limb of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Observing the yamas will support your journey to create a harmonious and balanced foundation for spiritual growth and consciousness expansion. You may also choose to observe the second limb - Niyamas. These practices take yoga off the mat and into your everyday living. Here is how you may use the Yamas to contribute to opening the higher chakras:

Ahimsa (Non-Violence)

Ahimsa, or non-violence, goes beyond refraining from physical harm and encompasses one's thoughts and words. It involves nurturing a mindset of compassion and kindness, fostering an environment conducive to spiritual growth and the awakening of higher chakras.

Embracing non-violence as a guiding principle encourages the development of a harmonious and peaceful existence. This practice extends not only to our actions but also to the intentions and expressions we cultivate in our inner and outer worlds.

By consciously choosing non-violence in our thoughts and language, we contribute to the creation of a more compassionate and interconnected society. The philosophy of ahimsa emphasises the interconnectedness of all beings and underscores the transformative power of love and understanding. In choosing non-violence, we embark on a journey toward personal and collective well-being, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond ourselves to positively impact the world around us.

Satya (Truthfulness)

Satya, the principle of truthfulness, serves as a key to unlocking the Divine Gateway Chakra and advancing spiritual development. Honesty, both with oneself and others, becomes a powerful force in fostering authenticity and integrity within the spiritual journey.

Associated with transcendence and connection to the divine, the Diving Gateway thrives on transparency and authenticity. When we embrace truthfulness, we create an inner environment that resonates with the higher frequencies of spiritual energy.

By aligning with the principle of Satya, we open ourselves to the transformative power of authentic living. This transparency serves as a catalyst for personal growth, allowing us to release blockages and move toward a harmonious integration of the divine within. Truthfulness becomes a sacred practice, nurturing a deep connection with the spiritual self and paving the way for an elevated state of consciousness.

In essence, Satya not only upholds the value of truth but also acts as a divine key, unlocking the potential for profound spiritual evolution through alignment.

Namaste Serene Valley Holistic Therapies


The Sanskrit greeting embodies profound spiritual acknowledgment. The essence of yoga, it reflects the principles of ahimsa and satya from the yamas, promoting non-violence and truthfulness.

By bowing with palms together, we express respect for the Divine within one another. This sacred recognition fosters unity and compassion, transcending ego boundaries. While traditional yogic philosophy recognises seven chakras, the Divine Gateway Chakra relates to honouring the interconnected spiritual essence, fostering a collective journey towards self-discovery and Universal connection. It serves as a reminder that, beyond external differences, a shared divine spark unites all beings on the path to understanding and embracing the sacred within ourselves and others.

Asteya (Non-Stealing)

The principle of non-stealing, advocates for the respect of another person's property and energy, fostering a climate of contentment and abundance. By refraining from taking what doesn't rightfully belong to us, we contribute to developing a sense of collective well-being.

Practicing asteya involves recognising and appreciating the inherent abundance in the world. This acknowledgment of abundance generates contentment, allowing us to explore higher spiritual realms. In cultivating a mindset of sufficiency rather than scarcity, asteya becomes a gateway to inner fulfilment, facilitating a deeper connection with one's spiritual journey.

Brahmacharya (Moderation)

Brahmacharya, often translated as moderation or celibacy, is a guiding principle in various spiritual and philosophical traditions. It advocates for balance and restraint in all aspects of life, particularly in the realm of sensory pleasures. By exercising moderation, we seek to harmonise our physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

In the context of energy centres, or chakras, moderation is seen as a means to maintain optimal flow and prevent blockages that could impede spiritual growth. The practice of Brahmacharya is not solely confined to the physical domain but also encompasses thoughts and emotions. It encourages us to cultivate a disciplined and focused mind, channelling energy toward higher pursuits.

Aparigraha (Non-Greed)

The profound principle of non-greed transforms the spirit by liberating it from excessive desires and material attachments. This philosophy gracefully advocates for a detachment from possessions, fostering a profound sense of spiritual abundance. It teaches us to develop an awareness of an abundance mindset, where prosperity in money, sustenance, shelter, love, and friendships is limitless. Aparigraha teaches that true wealth resides not in possessions but in the boundless treasures of the spirit. As we embrace this principle, we dance with the rhythm of existence, making room for the essential and becoming conduits for the flow of abundance in love, compassion, and meaningful connections.

By incorporating the principles of the Yamas into your life, you create an ethical and moral foundation that supports the overall well-being of your Mind, Body, and Spirit. While not directly associated with opening specific chakras, living a yogic lifestyle based on these principles can contribute to a more balanced and harmonious existence, potentially creating an environment conducive to spiritual growth and higher consciousness.



Reiki is a form of energy healing, which is particularly effective in influencing the chakra system. As a Reiki practitioner, we channel Universal life force energy to balance and align the chakras, from the Earth Star to the transcendent Gateway Chakra. Receiving regular Reiki sessions can promote spiritual growth and support the activation of this higher energy centre.

If you are not attuned to the symbols, you may still practice a form of energy healing or share positive intentions without using the specific Reiki symbols traditionally associated with the practice. Here are some ways someone not attuned to Reiki symbols can still send healing energy:

Intent and Visualisationย 

Set a clear intention for sending healing energy to yourself or others. Visualise a bright, pure light flowing from your hands or heart centre to your loved one, promoting healing, balance, and well-being.

Hands-On or Hands-Off Healing

Rub your hands together to activate the hand chakras. Place your hands gently on your friend or loved oneโ€™s body or hold your hands a few centimetres above the body, depending on comfort and preference. Focus on the warmth and energy emanating from your hands, intending for this energy to bring about healing and relaxation.

Mindfulness and Presence

Practice mindfulness and being fully present during the healing session. Cultivate a sense of compassion and love as you direct your focused attention to the person or situation you are sending healing energy to.

Breathwork and Connectionย Incorporate deep, conscious breathing to enhance your connection to the present moment and the flow of healing energy. Imagine that with each inhale, you draw in positive energy, and with each exhale, you release any tension or negativity.

Affirmations and Positive Thoughts

Combine positive affirmations or thoughts with your intention to send healing energy.

Speak or think words of encouragement, love, and well-being as you direct your energy towards the recipient.

Energy Cleansing Visualisation

Begin by preparing a quiet and comfortable space for meditation. Ground yourself and channel Reiki energy through your higher chakras down through your hands.

Close your eyes and visualise a beam of white or violet light descending from the cosmic or Divine source above.

Direct this light into the Divine Gateway Chakra, allowing it to cleanse and purify the energy in this area.

Visualise the light flowing smoothly through each higher chakra, clearing any energetic blockages and promoting a harmonious flow of energy.

As you continue to channel Reiki energy, imagine the light expanding and surrounding your entire energy field, creating a protective and uplifting aura.

Sit in this visualisation for as long as feels comfortable, allowing the Reiki energy to facilitate a deep cleansing and alignment of the higher chakras.

Intentional Affirmations

Use Reiki to amplify the power of positive affirmations related to spiritual growth and connection.

Sit in a comfortable position and focus on the Gateway Chakra area.

Channel Reiki energy through your hands, and as you do so, repeat affirmations such as

"I am connected to divine wisdom" or

"I am open to higher consciousness."

Allow the energy to enhance the vibrational frequency of your intentions.

Crystal Grid with Reiki

Create a crystal grid featuring stones associated with higher chakras, such as those listed above, or you may also use other selections such as amethyst, seraphinite, and selenite.

Activate the grid by channellingย Reiki energy into each crystal and connecting them energetically.

Sit within the grid or place it near your meditation space to facilitate an ongoing flow of Reiki energy for spiritual enhancement.

Distance Healing for Higher Chakras

Practice distance or absent healing for your friends or loved ones by using the distance symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

With their consent, set the intention to send Reiki energy to the recipient's higher chakras, focusing on their spiritual development and consciousness expansion.

Visualise the energy transcending physical boundaries and reaching the intended recipient, promoting balance, cleansing and alignment in their higher energy centres.

Chakra Balancing Ritual

Craft a transformative ritual that fuses the healing energy of Reiki with diverse spiritual elements, such as meditation, lunar phase manifestation, and the empowering act of burning bay leaves. Begin by anchoring yourself in the present moment and infuse Reiki into the ritual through the conduit of your hands. Infuse the bay leaves with personalised affirmations or intentions. Direct the Reiki energy towards the bay leaves, amplifying the resonance of your aspirations, and then burn the leaves slowly and with intention.

Initiate the practice by grounding and centring yourself, allowing the flow of Reiki energy to flow. Progress through each ascending chakra, envisioning the energy dissolving impediments and harmonising the subtle forces within.

To enrich the experience, use additional tools such as journaling, essential oils, or the healing properties of smudging with sage or incense. These elements serve to heighten the ritual's potency and foster a profound connection with the spiritual realm.


Despite its transcendent nature, grounding practices are essential for maintaining balance when working with the Divine Gateway Chakra. Engage in activities like walking barefoot on the earth, spending time in nature, or practicing mindfulness to ensure that the energy flow through this chakra remains connected to the physical realm.

Despite its ethereal essence, grounding rituals play a crucial role in preserving equilibrium while engaging with the Divine Gateway Chakra. Here are three methods to ground yourself:

Grounding Meditation

Cultivate a connection with the Earth by sitting or standing with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Visualise roots growing from your feet and extending deep into the Earth, anchoring you securely. As you breathe deeply, imagine drawing in stabilising energy from the Earth, allowing it to flow through your entire being.

Nature Immersion

Spend time in nature to reconnect with the grounding energies of the Earth. Whether it's walking barefoot on grass, hiking through a forest, or sitting by a body of water, immerse yourself in the natural elements. This direct contact with the Earth helps dissipate excess energy and promotes a sense of stability.

Crystal Grounding

Source crystals with grounding properties, such as black tourmaline, hematite, or smoky quartz. Hold the crystal in your hand or place it at the base of your spine while meditating. These crystals absorb and transmute negative energies, promoting grounding and balance in your spiritual practice.



Exploring the Divine Gateway Chakra opens the door to a heightened spiritual experience. Whether through meditation, crystal work, or energy healing practices, you may embark on a transformative journey that leads to a deeper connection with the Divine and a profound sense of inner peace.

May the blessings from the Divine flow upon your spiritual growth,


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