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PYRAMID POWER & ENERGY HEALING - Reiki & Crystal Healing

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Serene Valley Holistic Therapies - Reiki Townsville pyramid energy
Serene Valley Holistic Therapies - Bali Hut pyramid energy


In our tranquil sanctuary, nestled within our custom-built Balinese hut studio and tropical surrounds, we harness the potent energies of the pyramid to enrich our holistic practices.

The pyramid's shape is significant in energy healing, assisting as a conduit for channelling and amplifying energies.

During our energy healing sessions, whether it's Reiki, crystal healing, meditation, women's 'Sister' circles or spiritual guidance, the pyramid radiates it’s healing energy. This refined energy provides a harmonious and rejuvenating environment, aiding in emotional and physical balance.

Serene Valley Holistic Therapies - Bali Hut Pyramid Power
Charging Crystals

Our Bali hut roof is constructed with a perfectly equilateral pyramid sitting atop its posts. The pyramid, a symbol of spiritual energies, overarches our sacred space where energies converge, facilitating spiritual transformation and growth.

It is within this pyramid that we find the synergy of ancient wisdom and modern practices, creating a harmonious atmosphere for transformation, rejuvenation, and enlightenment.

Pyramid power is a concept that suggests pyramids, particularly in their geometric form, possess unique energetic properties that can be harnessed for various purposes, including energy healing. The belief in pyramid power traces its roots to ancient civilisations such the Egyptians, who built the Great Pyramid of Giza. Lovers of pyramid power claim that pyramids can focus and amplify energy fields, leading to a range of potential benefits in energy healing.

One of the primary benefits associated with pyramid power in energy healing is the amplification of positive energy. It is believed that the pyramid's shape can enhance the flow of energy, leading to improved overall well-being.

Some practitioners use miniature pyramid structures or pyramid-shaped crystals to help direct and intensify healing energies during sessions.

Another extraordinary benefit of pyramid power is its ability to balance the body's energy fields, aligning chakras and promoting harmony. This is believed to help alleviate various physical and emotional ailments, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

While pyramid power remains a subject of debate within the scientific community (isn't anything relating to the spiritual?), we continue to explore its potential in energy healing practices, seeking its benefits in enhancing overall vitality and well-being. Viewed as a symbolic tool and a source of mystical energy, the pyramid's enduring appeal underscores humanity's fascination with ancient wisdom and its potential applications in modern healing practices.


The idea that pyramids can amplify energy is a belief rooted in esoteric and energy healing traditions. Advocates of pyramid energy believe the unique shape of the pyramid concentrates and enhances the surrounding energy fields. Those with experience working with pyramid energy work and using its amplification properties claim the shape of the pyramid corresponds with the Earth's natural energy grid or ley lines. Their work suggests that by positioning a pyramid over an object, person or even an animal, it can enhance the flow of energies from the Earth, thereby intensifying the pyramid's energy-amplifying effects. One remarkable aspect is that our crystals, when placed underneath our pyramid Bali hut, become amplified by the pyramid's energies, aligning perfectly with our healing intentions.


Meditating within a pyramid or under a pyramid-shaped structure can offer a serene and distraction-free environment. The pyramid's unique geometry helps concentrate and focus mental energy.

Meditators often report an increased ability to concentrate their thoughts and maintain focus on their meditation practice while under the pyramid. The enclosed space is thought to create a sense of inner calm conducive to deepening meditation.


Being within the energetic fields of a pyramid or its shadow can shield external distractions, such as noise and visual stimuli. This environment is considered to be highly conducive to achieving a state of inner peace and mental clarity during meditation or energetic practices.


The pyramid's shape encourages a heightened sense of mindfulness. The energy-concentrating properties of the pyramid help those within the field to become more in tune with their inner thoughts and emotions, facilitating a more profound and transformative experience.


The cosy and enclosed space beneath a pyramid structure can promote relaxation and a sense of security. This comfortable setting can allow us to let go of stress and tension more easily, contributing to a deeper state of relaxation during healing or meditative sessions.


For some, the pyramid's shape has symbolic and spiritual significance, evoking a sense of connection to ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions. This can add a layer of depth and meaning to the meditation practice, making it a more profound and spiritually enriching experience.


Chakras are a concept originating from Hindu and Yogic traditions, representing the 7 energy centres within the body. The belief is that these energy centres can become imbalanced and that various techniques, including the use of pyramid-shaped crystals or structures, can help realign them. When we use Reiki and pyramid infused crystals to align the chakras, we experience a significant shift in energies within the chakras.



As a Reiki and crystal healing practitioner, we capture the pyramid energy of our Balinese hut to enhance the flow of healing energy through the hands. The pyramid structure above our healing table helps to increase the effectiveness of our Reiki and crystal healing sessions. Our clients report how they instantly feel the calming effects within the space as soon as they step into our Bali hut studio.


Pyramids may help clients release emotional blockages during Reiki and crystal healing sessions, making the healing process more profound and transformative.


We tap into the use of the pyramids structure of our Bali hut to create a protective energy shield around ourselves and our clients during a session, ensuring a safe and secure healing environment.



Placing crystals under a pyramid is an effective way to amplify their healing properties. This technique is particularly useful when working with specific crystals we use for their healing benefits.

Serene Valley Holistic Therapies - Crystal healing pyramid energy


Pyramids are handy for cleansing and recharging crystals, allowing them to maintain their vibrational frequency and potency over time. Simply place the crystals inside the pyramid for a rejuvenating, cleansing and charging effect.


Regular use of pyramid power in crystal healing is believed to heighten our intuitive abilities, for both the healing practitioner and the client. Our clients report their feelings of enhanced intuition throughout their Reiki and crystal healing sessions, with experiences of visions, emotions, colours, and spirit connection.

Our clients also report an increased sensitivity to crystal placement on and surrounding their physical body as the crystals grid is placed over them. They report increased feelings of warmth or heat, tingling vibrations and an increased understanding of the crystal energies and the intentions of the healing session.

As a Crystal Master Practitioner, I feel an increased connection to the crystal energies under the pyramid in comparison to working in an indoor studio. This assists with selecting the perfect crystals and placement with increased intuition for each healing session.


The unique shape of the pyramid is thought to resonate with the body's energy field, as well as other organic and inorganic objects, facilitating a profound and harmonious vibrational healing experience when used alongside crystals.


Orgonites work by harnessing and amplifying the energies of orgone’s life force energy. The pyramid shape is significant in this process. The pointed apex of the pyramid concentrates and directs energy (as it does with pyramid shaped crystals), while the flat base grounds and stabilises it.

This geometry creates a powerful vortex within the orgonite, enhancing the flow of orgone energy. As orgone energy flows through the pyramid, the energies purify and balance, reducing negative energy and promoting positive vibrations. This orgone energy is then emitted from the tip of the pyramid, benefiting the surrounding environment, balancing emotions, and enhancing overall well-being.

Note: An effective orgonite typically consists of a blend of organic and inorganic materials. It includes crystals (any crystals are effective) to enhance energy conductivity, metallic matter (like copper or aluminium shavings) for energy reflection and amplification, and a non-toxic resin to encapsulate these components. This combination creates a powerful orgone energy transmuting device. Place them around your home to protect against EMF's and other negative energies.

Pyramid power is a fascinating aspect of energy healing, Reiki, and crystal healing that taps into the ancient wisdom of pyramid structures. As we would expect, the scientific evidence is limited around all energy healing modalities. However, practitioners continue to report the benefits and attest to it enhancing energy work and holistic therapies.

Whether you're an experienced practitioner or just beginning your journey into these realms, exploring pyramid power could open up new dimensions of healing and self-discovery.

Pyramids have fascinated humanity for centuries, holding an aura of mystery and intrigue. Ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and the Mayans, revered these structures for their supposed mystical powers. But it's also something that is easy for you to use at home or in your own healing practice. There are many other ways to capture the healing energies of pyramids. Let me know in the comments of other ways you have used to tap into these energies.

May the timeless energy of the pyramids illuminate the path of your boundless curiosity and spiritual growth,


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