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Hear from Our Guests

Holistic Counselling

"Holistic counselling has been a great experience for me. Through Ness I have felt changes within myself and I have released some blockages I have been experiencing. The counselling methods Ness used were incredible as they have gone deep into my inner self which have cleared the blockages. I have been experiencing a much better sense of inner peace and overall well-being. I’ve never been very good at meditation, but Ness has helped me to begin slow and now I'm meditating daily on my own. My counselling sessions have been a remarkable journey of self-discovery and healing for me, and I am forever grateful for the transformation it is making to my life. Thank you so much Ness"


Usui Reiki

"All I can say is 'wow'! Reiki healing has been amazing for working on an experience from my past life and I can only call it an enlightening experience for me. By using Reiki healing energy, Ness accessed deep layers of my subconscious mind, which revealed some past life memories. The reiki energy has helped the healing of some of my emotions and patterns from a previous lifetime. I was unsure at first, but then it all fell into place and things have been turning around for me over the past couple of weeks. Ness used a combination of reiki with connecting with angels and my spirit guides to send messages about the particular past life that has a strong connection that has carried onto this life.  This has opened up some amazing self-discovery for me."


Reiki & Crystal Therapy

"Reiki and crystal healing has been a fantastic way of healing for my anxiety. I had never thought to use them as a combination and they have now been a true blessing in my life. The energy Ness uses helps with deep relaxation and relief from my anxiety problems. Ness is very caring and makes me feel really comfortable. Ness's methods have helped me release my anxiety, calm my racing thoughts at night and help me to feel more calmer. It's been really good for reducing the pain in my lower legs which used to ache all the time. I have become used to Reiki and crystals now. My anxiety is now at a level 3 out of 10 and I am so happy."



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